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Box Two [series]:
Correspondence from 1707-1709 and 1732-1741.

Includes seven more letters from Bory and Chabert to the Chancellier de Pontchartrain concerning the South American expedition.

Correspondence dating from Maurepas' ministry consists primarily of reports and memoranda related to foreign trade and Franco-British hostilities. There are also journal extracts, recommendations, and requests for raises, promotions and appointments.

Topics addressed include: the possible acquisition of l'Isle de Tabarque; trade with Turkey and the Levant; information on the Turkish government and consulates in Turkey and Egypt; gunner ships; English seizure of French ships; the "new" Spanish Navy*; movement of French and foreign ships in the Caribbean; commerce in Marseilles; commercial navigation; solution to recruitment problems (complaints about an ordonnance of 1734); British free navigation in the West Indies*; poor living conditions aboard ship; a sea-battle off Santo Domingo; a solution to malfunctioning ship engine* .

There are letters from Maurepas to d'Antin, to d'Enville, and one to Champigny on fortifications at St. Lucie and the capture of the Barbadoes.

Of special interest: Duclerq's 1741 journal of events in Jamaica, with commentary on a sea-battle with the English; a series of letters from Maurepas to d'Antin giving him information about the British and instructions in case of a war; a fifty-page report on the commerce of Marseilles with the Levant; a letter in code from Larnage to Orry, the Comptroller General.

* These letters have accompanying documents filed in Boxes 8 - 15.