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Series IV. Family Papers [series]:
This series contains manuscripts, documents and letters associated with members of the Lafayette family besides the General. The papers and correspondence of General Lafayette's wife, Adrienne, and his son, George, form the greater part of the material, but there are also letters and documents from Lafayette's father Gilbert du Motier de Lafayette, his uncle Jacques de Lafayette, his grandfathers Edouard Lafayette and the marquis de la Riviere, among others. There are documents connected with financial matters, property, and inheritance.

Adrienne's primary correspondents were her children (especially George while he was in America), her aunt Madame Chavaniac and the Beauchets (their business manager and his wife). While in the provinces during the early days of the Revolution, she wrote regularly to Madame Beauchet, who was formerly her maid. She wrote two letters to George Washington. Notes from her daughters Virginie and Anastasie often accompany Adrienne's letters. Other documents connected to Madame Lafayette concern her imprisonment and the confiscation of their property during the revolution; she wrote many letters to French officials in her attempts to regain their goods and property. From prison at Olmütz, Adrienne corresponded frequently with Masson and Pilet of Hamburg on such matters as the political events affecting their imprisonment, financial affairs, and communications between them and their friends and supporters. There is also a letter in 1797 from Olmütz to Madame Staël reporting their imminent release.