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Series V. Broadcasts, Recordings, and Readings [series]:
"Four Unposted Letters to Catherine: Preface" ["Written in 1963 for the BBC's reading, on July 15 and 16, 1963 of the Four Unposted Letters to Catherine, especially revised for the reading..."]
ts. 2pp.; ts. 2pp. carbon; ts. 2pp. photocopy"
"Four Unposted Letters for Catherine. Modifications for Reading" ts. 6pp.
"Unposted Letters to Catherine, by Laura Riding" (July 15th and 16th, 1963) ts. 25pp.
[Notes and transcripts of reading recorded at Lamont Library, Harvard College, January 1972] ms. 16pp.; 2ts. 5pp.; ts [4pp.]; ts. 8pp.; ts. 8pp carbon; ts. 10pp.; ts. 6pp.; ts. 6pp. photocopy
"Library of Congress Recording. Corrections" ms. 1p; ts. 1p; ms. 2pp.