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II. Seamen's wages. [series]:
A. Collective Bargaining. [subseries]:
Arbitration: National War Labor Board
Arbitration: Private
Arbitration: U.S. Department of Labor
Arbitration: War Shipping Panel
Collective Agreement: NMU
Collective Agreement: Dispute
Collective Agreements
Collective Bargaining: On Government Operated Vessels
Collective Bargaining: During World War II
Collective Bargaining: Session
Collective Bargaining: Table of Maritime Agreements
Labor-Management Relations: East Coast Oil Tanker Industry
Labor-Management Relations: Subsidization of Seamen's Wages
Labor-Management Relations: West Coast Maritime Industry
Strikes & Work Stoppages, West Coast Maritime Industry
Wage Increases, Graphs
B. Monthly wage rates. [subseries]:
Monthly Wage Rates: 1932 - 1952
Monthly Wage Rates: Base Wage Tables
Monthly Wage Rates: East Coast Dry Cargo
Monthly Wage Rates: Hillcome Steamship Company
C. Overtime and penalty pay. [subseries]:
Overtime Earnings: On U.S. Flag Merchant Ships
Overtime Earnings: Overtime and Penalty Earnings
Overtime Earnings: Under Pacific Coast Contracts
Overtime Rates
Working Schedules, Stewards Department
D. Earnings of seamen and comparative earnings. [subseries]:
Comparative Analysis: Earnings & Conditions of Work
Comparative Analysis: Seamen's Wages Relative to the Standard of Living of Their Respective Nations
Comparative Wage Data
Foreign - U.S. Wage Comparison
Foreign Wages and Earnings
Railway Wage and Earning Data
Seamen's Earnings: General
Seamen's Earnings: Average Monthly, Deep Sea
Seamen's Earnings: Guaranteed Annual Wages
Seamen's Earnings: Longshore
Seamen's Earnings: Tanker Fleet
Seamen's Earnings: Under Pacific Coast Contracts
E. Benefits and compensation. [subseries]:
Exclusive Compensation Act (1920)
Pension Plans, Negotiated
Pension and Welfare Plans, Combined
Unemployment Insurance
Vacation Plans, Negotiated
Welfare Plans: Student Reports
Welfare Plans: Negotiated
Workmen's Compensation and the Protection of Seamen
F. Total Employment cost. [subseries]:
Feeding Costs
Fixed and Variable Costs
Labor Costs, General
Labor Costs: Longshore
Labor Costs: Overtime Work Items
Labor Costs: Under Pacific Coast Contracts
Operating Costs
Regulations Prescribing Method of Determining Profit