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I. Framework factors. [series]:
A. Industry. [subseries]:
Marine Labor History
Bibliography: Transportation
Bibliography: Water Transportation
Coastwise and Intercoastal Shipping: Economic Importance of
Coastwise and Intercoastal Shipping: Economic Survey of
Coastwise and Intercoastal Shipping: San Francisco Bay Ports Area
Glossary of Shipping Terms
Great Lakes Shipping: St. Lawrence Seaway
Great Lakes Shipping: Survey of
Job Descriptions
Manning: Normal Manning Practices
Manning: Ships and Manning Scales
Manpower Requirements and Labor Supply
Merchant Marine: Attainable National Objectives for (1953)
Merchant Marine: Economic Survey of (1937)
Merchant Marine: History and Function Policies, Practices, & Problems (1955)
Merchant Marine: Postwar Outlook (1946)
Merchant Marine: Problems & Policies (1952 - 54)
Merchant Marine: Report of Presidents Advisory Committee (1947)
Merchant Marine: Restoration of American Shipping (1947)
Merchant Marine: Size, Composition, & Quality Survey 1952
Merchant Marine: Military Jurisdiction over Merchant Seamen
Overseas Trade, Participation of American Ships: 1912 - 1951
Seamen: Andrew Furuseth
Seamen: Training & Education
Tanker Fleet: U.S. Tanker Fleet Survey, 1954
Tanker Fleet: World Tanker Fleet Review, 1953
Tramp Shipping, Its Value, Need and Cost
Working Conditions: 1937
Working Conditions: River Towboats (1937)
Working Conditions: Shipyards (1945)
B. Industry - Government relations. [subseries]:
Federal Transportation Program, Issues Involved
Government Aid: Foreign and U.S.
Government Aid: Present Shipping Policy
Government Subsidies: Congressional Hearings (1950)
Government Subsidies: Analysis of Construction and Operating Subsidies (1953)
Government Subsidies: Effects of Devaluation of Foreign Money
Government Subsidies: Financial Data
Government Subsidies: Maritime Subsidy Policy (1954)
Government Subsidies: (Need for 1951)
Government Subsidies: Operating Differential Contracts (1950)
Interterritorial Freight Rates, 1943 Reports
Marine Legislation, Bills to Amend
Maritime Industry, Tax Deferment and Tax Exemption Benefits
Merchant Fleet Protection, Tanker Fleet
Merchant Marine Act of 1936, Proposals to Amend
Merchant Marine Development & Regulation in the U.S. History
Parity Principle
Rules & Regulations: Cargo & Miscellaneous Vessels
Rules & Regulations: Tank Vessels
U.S. Maritime Commission