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Record Book, May 20, 1854 - January 1, 1920 [series]: (Item 1)
Listing the location of deeds of church property Articles of Faith

Page 1
May 20, 1854 Account of formation of the church and minutes copied from the old church record commence.

Page 2
Minutes 1854, 1857, 1858 December 23, 1858 meeting house dedicated

Page 3-4
1858-1861 many new members

Page 5
June 24, 1858 church incorporates

Page 6
July 18, 1859 resolutions on church organization passed l86l minutes end

Page 8-24
Record of membership which includes date of entrance, when dies, withdrew married, or letter granted. 1854-1916

Page 30
warrent deed to church property made August 3, 1859

Page 50
records continue where the old church left off, 3/23/86

Page 6l
October 14, 1888 collection for foreign missions

Page 74
June 13, 1891 a "stirring temperance lecture was given by G. F. Jones of Syracuse, and a collection taken up." There was some discussion of organizing a Y of G.T., but there was not sufficient action on the part of people of the community.

Page 74
June 28, 1891 a rousing sermon on Baptism yields 7 new members

Page 77
November 28, 1891 report of a committee for determining the necessity and feasibility of repairing the church 1892 first mention of a sabbath school

Page 82
January 17, 1892 Resolution to condemn someone who placed a toy on the tree at Christmas which offended a brother and his family

Page 83
March 26, 1892 vote on bids for church repairs. Services were held in the M.E. church during the repairs.

Page 85 86-87
April 30, 1892 membership reported. April 30, 1892 discussion whether or not to copy the old church record

Page 91
September 29, 1892 Rev. J.M. Scott of the Unitarian Church in Ithaca and the Rev. Mr. Jones of the Baptist Church in Ithaca, lecture on temperance.

Page 92
December 5, 1982 an 850 pound bell is placed in the steeple and chimesfor the first time.

Page 92
December 31, 1892 reported that efforts to get a minister to come and aid them in a protracted effort in the near future failed.

Page 98
June 8, 1893 The Tioga River Christina Conference, held at the church, is "especially interesting as a number of young ministers and two lady ministers were among the list of speakers."

Page 108
woman preaches to the congregation December 2,3 1894 the congregation hopes for a revival, which continues until January 3 and 4

Page 118
January 25, 1895 a lecture on temperance

Page 124
July 19, September 13, September 20, October 4 a woman preaches

Page 125-236
the pastor's wife preaches in his absence

Page 129 141
nNovember 13, 1898 temperance lecture

Page 144
May 11, 1899 a temperance lecturer, a woman, sent by the Grand Lodge of G of T.

Page 146
June 8/11 The 55th annual session of the Tioga River Christian Conference, meeting at the church, resolves to protest against the seating of Brigham H. Roberts, a Mormon, as rep. of Utah to the U.S. Congress.

Page 149
12/30/99 the church begins to call themselves the First Christian Church of Newfield at Trumbull's Comers.

Page 179
February 8, 1903 discussion of a revival

Page 186
December 26, 1903 plans for celebrating the church's 50th anniversary are discussed.

Page 203-204
December 1905 many new members.