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Series III. Video and Audio Recordings [series]:
Video Recordings [subseries]:
Interview with the Chief of Oyotunji, Sheldon, South Carolina (V-83)
Interview with the Chief of Oyotunji, Sheldon, South Carolina (V-84)
Oyotunji interviews: Chief Alagba on New World Africanisms (V-85)
7th Annual Penn School Heritage Celebration, African and Gullah, Nov.14, 1987 (V-86)
Africanisms and Gullah Culture; 7th Annual Celebration; Spirituals and Folklore, Nov.14, 1987 (V-87)
8th Annual Heritage on Friday, Nov. 11, 1988, Part II, Folklore and Gospel music (V-88)
Africanisms and Gullah Culture, 9th Annual Heritage Day Celebration, Nov. 9-11, 1989 (V-89)
Interview with Leroy Brown, first Black elected to office since Reconstruction; Interviw with Mr. Dan Watson on Gullah heritage (V-90)
Interviews: Dan Watson on Gullah heritage, Rev. Ervin Greene on Africanism in the Gullah heritage (V-91)
New Orleans (Kongo Square); Melrose Plantation; Africa House; U.S. Davis Wood Carver; Interview W.W. Law Bl. Ga. (V-92)
Africanisms - Coiled baskets (Gullah), Gravesites (slides on video) (V-93)
Interview with Claude and Pat Sharpe (linguist), Gullah translation of the Bible; Coffin point graveyard; Ron Daise oral history/folklore (V-94)
Interview with Claude and Pat Sharpe; Gullah language and culture part II (V-95)
Audio Recordings [subseries]:
Interview with Leroy Brown, Africanisms and Gullah history (TR-6752a)
Interview with Leroy Brown and Dale Community Center/folklore (TR-6753a)
Interview with Ruby Iyan, passing children over coffin (TR-6754a)
Elizabeth Genn, Africanisms in the U.S. (TR-6755a)
Interview with Mrs. Elizabeth Genn (1983) root med./folklore (TR-6756a)
Gullah folklore and customs, Gospel music (TR-6757a)