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Syracuse Service Center
Memos, mostly from Robert I. Allen, re equipment purchases, December 13, 1978; cost comparison of office suppliers, September 12, 1977; similar memos; memo questioning vouchers, noting failure to maintain car, meal expenses during strike, November 29, 1976; similar memos; memo re communications workshop, October 12, 1978; descriptions of secretarial positions in Syracuse office, September 22, 1977; memos re other personnel issues; "Responsibility Report" memo from R. I. Allen warning that Rochester office was the only one to show a deficit in first quarter of fiscal year, noting that half its postage budget had already been spent, December 13, 1976; memo re North Syracuse legislative activities, noting the formation of a local parents' group, possible run for school board, December 12, 1976; letter of resignation, February 17, 1976; report of Onondaga County negotiators meeting, with list of contacts, November 3, 1973; memo re vote of Onondaga-Madison BOCES Teachers Association affiliation, October 7, 1973; letter from National Education Association to Ken Law re request by North Syracuse Education Association for on-site evaluation by NEA team, September 27, 1973; memos recommending legal services for Little Falls Teachers Association, negative reply from Ken Law, April 1973; memos re requests for (school) budget analyses, November 28, 1972, and April 4, 1973; memos re recommendations for 1973-74 Utica and Syracuse Service Center operations areas (geographical boundaries, staffing ratios), March 28, 1973; list of area state senators and assembly members and the towns and districts they represented, n.d., c. 1973; request for UniServ realignment in Oswego County, with memos discussing the proposal, January 1973; memo re Jordan-Elbridge Improper Practice charge, January 26, 1973; agenda for combined Utica-Syracuse staff meeting, December 18, 1972; letter from president of the Oppenheim-Ephratah Teachers' Association (St. Johnsville) requesting help re school board's refusal to discuss dues deduction for New York Congress of Teachers, November 13, 1972; notification from PERB hearing officer that Auburn City School District had reached a settlement with union, October 17, 1972; letters of thanks from local presidents for help in arbitration and other cases, February-September 1972; list of locals that lost ten or more members in 1971-72; Unified Staff Service Program (UniServ) Agreement with Syracuse Teachers Association, October 13, 1971