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Series I. Houston

Boxes 1-2

Material relating to Winston's private practice of architecture in Houston, Texas, 1927-1934. Chiefly correspondence and studies, plans, etc. for projects undertaken by his firm. Includes resumes and biographical information.

Series II. Washington

Boxes 2-4

Material pertaining to Winston's positions in Washington, D.C. as Project Planner for Housing, Division of Public Works Administration (1934-1938) and Regional Director of the United States Housing Authority (1939-1947)

Series III. Baltimore

Boxes 5-8

Covers Winston's positions as Executive Director of the Housing Authority of Baltimore City (1947-1959), Director of the Baltimore Urban Renewal and Housing Agency (1957-1959), and Urban Renewal Coordinator for Baltimore City (1955-1956). Primarily Correspondence speeches and printed materials

Series IV. Binghamton

Boxes 8-12

Material relating to Winston's position as Executive Director of the Valley Development Foundation, Inc. (1959-1966). Includes speeches correspondence and printed materials.

Series V. Cornell University

Boxes 13-23

Covers Winston's Career at Cornell as lecturer in the Department of City and Regional Planning (1959-1974) and Director of the Office of Regional Resources and Development (1965-1971). Consists chiefly of studies for urban renewal projects in various central New York communities and publications on planning by various institutions and individuals associated with Cornell. Includes lecture materials, student papers and correspondence.