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Series V. SEER [series]:
System for Evaluating the Effectiveness of RVNAF Subsystems:
  1. AMFES (Army and Marine Forces Evaluation System)
  2. NFES (Naval Forces Evaluation System)
  3. AFES (Air Force Evaluation System)
  4. TFES (Territorial Forces Evaluation System)

  1. To provide quantified objective evaluations of RVNAF unit combat effectiveness in performance of assigned missions
  2. To identify weaknesses and problem areas which reduce RVNAF combat and pacification effectiveness

Includes correspondence between Thomas C. Thayer (Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense, Systems Analysis) and Richard Cady (Bendix Aerospace Systems Division)

System for Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Vietnam (SEER) User's Manual, pp. 1-6, 1970
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Part II, Army and Marine Forces Evaluation File, 1968 Monthly Statistical Component, pp. 33-156
User's Manual, pp. 157-213
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SEER User's Manual, complete (duplicate?)
Territorial Forces Evaluation System (TFES) Handbook, Nov. 1969
Thomas Thayer to Richard Cady--correspondence, re: SEA Programs, 1969