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Series IV. PAAS [series]:
Pacification Attitude Analysis System. Automated system to provide the Military Assistance Command Civil Operations and Rural Development Support, Pacification Study Group a means of processing and reporting the results of surveys to determine the attitudes of the Vietnamese people toward pacification, the War, and political, social, and economic development.

Data gathering instrument--semi-structured informal interview:
  1. Respondent--Hamlet residents chosen by quota sampling techniques
  2. Sample size--Selected sample of hamlets in each district, sample varying in size of province
  3. Frequency of reporting--Data is reported monthly, each month's data representing sampling of a different group of districts

Functional Description for Pacification Attitude Analysis System (PAAS), Jan. 25, 1970
Command Manual for Pacification Attitude Analysis System (PAAS), May 15, 1970
PAAS, May 1, 1970