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Series I. Personal [series]:
Includes original and transcribed correspondence to and from Leslie Severinghaus and his extended family; original and transcribed journals and diaries of Leslie Severinghaus and the Luce and Severinghaus families' memoirs of Charles E. Severinghaus and Leslie and Emmavail Severinghaus; and the daily planners of Leslie Severinghaus. Family correspondence includes Leslie's extensive collection of correspondence to and from father Charles E. Severinghaus, brother Aura E. Severinghaus, and son Sheldon Root Severinghaus. Additional personal includes Luce and Severinghaus family genealogies, and address book, memorial service material, and books.

Series II. China [series]:
Includes correspondence, student work, teaching material, student directories, publications, and reference and support material related to Leslie Severinghaus's employment as an English professor at the Peking Union Medical College (PUMC) as well as his later association with the institution; material pertaining to Leslie Severinghaus's association with the American Commemorative Bureau; and material relating to Leslie Severinghaus's involvement in the American Oral English project (SLUR) under the auspices of the ABMAC at the National Defense Medical Center in Taipei.

Series III. Schools [series]:
Includes correspondence, publications, and other material related to Leslie Severinghaus's employment as English teacher and headmaster at The Haverford School, as well as material from continued association with that institution; correspondence, records, and other material related to Leslie Severinghaus's service as a consultant and interim headmaster at The Palmer School' correspondence, records, publications, travel ephemera, and photographic material from the Severinghaus; service to the Green Mountains International Work and Language Camp at Goddard College ('The Experiment'); and correspondence, records and other material related to The Headmaster's Association, The Country Day School Headmaster's Association, and the Arden House Colloquium.

Series IV. Cornell [series]:
Includes correspondence, reports, and publications related to Severinghaus' alumni activities at Cornell University, including trustee papers, presidential searches, admissions policies, student uprisings, the East Asia Program, the Laboratory for Ornithology, gifts to the university, reunions, and the 1984 Adult University Cruise aboard the 'Sea Cloud'.

Series V. Travel [series]:
Contains correspondence, journal entries, and ephemera related to the travels of Leslie Severinghaus, Emmavail Severinghaus, and Sheldon Root Severinghaus. Material is chronologically ordered, beginning with Emmavail Luce's 1921 journey to England.

Series VI. Subject Files [series]:
A. Religion, State, Schools: Contains correspondence, manuscripts, and support material related to the publication of Leslie Severinghaus' book, Religions and History, and his efforts to introduce the instruction of world religions to private schools.

B. Wellesley: Contains correspondence, publications, speech outlines, year books, a scrap book, and ephemera pertaining to Emmavail Severinghaus' student and alumni involvement with Wellesley College.

C. Speeches/addresses: Consists of speech outlines and compositions, as well as transcribed speeches given by Leslie Severinghaus to various organizations and institutions. Also contains a chronological collection of reactions to the speeches in the form of correspondence.

D. Financial: Contains material related to trusts, donations, and personal finances.

E. Directorships: Contains material related to various institutions and organizations of which LEslie Severinghaus was a director.

F. Audubon: Contains material pertaining to Severinghaus' involvement with the Tropical Audubon Society.

G. Newspaper Clippings: Contains unsorted newspaper and periodical clippings collected by Leslie Severinghaus, as well as a collection of clippings pertaining to China.

H. Hartford Outline: An unknown outline, possibly a manuscript, about missions in China. Labeled 'Hartford Outline'.

Series VII. Visual Material [series]:
Contains photographs of early and late Severinghaus and Luce families, travel, and The Experiment in International Living; 35mm slides of retirement travels; glass lantern slides and glass negatives taken by Charles E. Severinghaus of extended family, and many taken by Leslie at Cornell University and in Peking, China; 35 mm negatives of Severinghaus family life, annotated photograph albums of various subjects, including PUMC construction, the Luce family in Peking, travel, and commemorative and family events; Super 8 movie films predominantly of travel. Commemoration ephemera consists of plaques, medals, posters, paintings, drawings, degrees, and oversized photographs.

Series VIII. Audio and Audiovisual Materials [series]:
Contains cassette and 8mm reel audio takes of lectures, family events, bird calls, SLUR material, and Chinese language instruction. Also two videocassettes.