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Series II. Black album, larger of 2 [series]:
Hamburg-American Line, pier, Hoboken, June 11, 1907
Various views on board the Hamburg - Emma, Nettie, Mr. Snook
Azores, Gibralter
Bedrm. in Naples hotel; Capri
Italian woman and baby at Capri; Pompeii
Several pp. on rome - Colosseum, St. Peter's, etc.
Appian way; Italian stove
Unident. - but appears to be Baptistery in Florence
Venice - several pp.
Milan: incl. "Last Supper"
On train to Switzerland
Italian Lake Distr.
Paris, Versailles
Shot of a stowaway being returned to land by Pilot boat from the Minnehaha, July 28, 1907
Views of Shokan, NY - RR st., yoke of oxen, logs on wagon falls; Emma Phillips at West Shokan
Steamer Portland, John [MD] and Emma on board; same at Old Orchard Beach, Maine
Group of Americans and views in Philippine Islands. (refs. to Harry and Southern Island Hospital at Cebu, 1915)
J. H. Linson at Ming tombs, Sept. 1917
Hotel in Seoul, Korea
Shot of the Am. schooner Irmgard, picked up in distres off the E. coast of Formosa by the U.S. ?? Thomas following typhoon of Aug. 18-21, 1917
Views of US Marine Hospital, Detroit
Reynolds (related to Linsons?) family - Wayne, Nebraska - several
Phillips cottage, white Lake, NY; - several
Emma L. Phillips at age 16 with cat at White Lake
More White Lake [Sullivan Co.] views
Aunt Jane Ann [Westervelt], Mongaup Valley [Sullivan County] - with elderly man by pump; Aunt in sunbonnet. Also shot of Aunt in dark dress and white bonnet
Westervelt farm, same place - plowing, etc.
Horton Home, White Lake
Various group photos at White Lake - Jennie, Emma, Fred, etc. - fishing; cat and the bait box!
McIntyres at Ferndale - haying, barn, etc. - numerous
Schooner (3 masts) on Hudson River
Phillips house in Brooklyn - construction of Williamsburg Bridge; moving an apt. house
Trenton, NJ - factory or warehouse, soldiers' monument, Quaker church, library; flood damage, train wreck, etc.
Patterson, Lakewood, NJ
Family groups, Dumont, NJ, 1907 inc. John McDivitt and Emma
Medical students on roof of Long Island College Hospital
More Phillips house and family
Dr. McDivitt with Model T, Dumont, NJ
Bull dog - "Honey King"; other dog, "Taffy"
Children of friends and family, NJ, Brooklyn, etc., Linsons, Kleinstubers, Aunt Lizzie Peloubet; more McDivitt
Many of wedding of Frank McD. and Florence Emke [sp?] in Trenton
Wedding, Horace and Mabel ?, West Haven, Conn.
House in Goshen, NY
Homes of relatives in Dumont, Brooklyn, Auburndale, Mass., Conn. coast, etc.
More at Hortons' in Forest Home, white frame house - [still there, I think]
Other Hortons, McD., Hungerfords, Forest Home, campus, etc., etc.