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Series I. Black album, smaller of 2 [series]:
Cascadilla Bridge in snow
World War I - Review on Alumni Field
World War I - Drill Hall
World War I - Men in uniform marching past Sage and Barnes toward Cascadilla Bridge
World War I - Drill day on Campus [J. P. Troy]
World War I - Col. Barton reviewing troop
Insterted among the above: 1919 Mud Rush [Troy photo]
Campus scenes, esp. snow, ca. 1920 - various - library Tower, Cascadilla Bridge
Commencement Day Parade
Entering Bailey for Comm. [Troy ph.]
Girls' crew on Beebe Lake, 1917/1918
Excursion steamer on Cayuga Lake
Jennie Horton, Mrs. Stevenson - Forest Home - 1918 - various - also, Emma McDivitt, Mary Johnson
Fred Horton as Freshman [1913]
Fred Linson, Merle Linson, others, Forest Home - various
Fred on campus; Jennie, ditto; at Renwick Park
Jennie, Emma, Mary Johnson at CrowBar Point, on steamer
Spring Day 1920 - Merton Jones and Marcus McMaster [both CU '21] - several
"The Old Tunnel," Ithaca
Ithaca Falls, Enfield Glen
Ferguson and Rekate families at table - wedding luncheon of Lucretia Ferguson '19 & George H. Rekate '07
Unveiling statue of Ezra Cornell
Semi-Centennial in Drill Hall
Group photo of Chas. Evans Hughes, ? , Alfred E. Smith, Schurman, ? .
More drill photos - Forest Home Drive and Arts quad. - 3 views
Watkins Glen - 3 views
Social groups - wiener roast at Buttermilk, April 1921, etc.
Mrs. Lucretia [Hinkley] Ferguson in cap & gown, 1919-20 - [AB 19 (later Mrs. George H. Rekate; he was CE 03-07, d.'56)]
Emma McD., Mabel Terhune, and Mrs. ? Moore in front of Franklin Hall, 1923
Wedding of Clarence [CU, MS '22] and Veda Jones Dagnall, attended by Merton Jones and Edith Voorhees [24 AB]
M[arcus] A[urelius] McMaster
Veda Jones in rowboat on Cayuga Lake
Child, Norman Hungerford
Merrill H. Moore [21-22 Agr.]
Mrs. Moore, Melissa Miller, Emma McD., others on porch of Alpha Zeta
Skiing on Williams Street, looking NW with Cascadilla Hall in Background
The Dagnalls and Veda's parents at 106 Highland Pl.
View from upstairs window at 106 Highland, where McD. aparently lived
Highland Place snowed in, 1925 - one taken by Ernest Abbe [probably Ernst Abbe, '28]
Roaring Branch Brook
Veda and Junior Dagnall - several; also Bobby D., younger brother [?]
Cascadilla Creek
Melissa Miller; house at 106 Highland Place
Aerial view of CU, J.P. Troy
Eclipse of sun, January 24, 1925, taken from Botany Dept. windows - 2 views
Emma; Lotta Bailey, Louise Barnard - several
Another view of eclipse
Snow scene from office window in Roberts, 25/26
Other campus snow scenes
Ralph Tarr boulder near Morrill
Sun dial south of GS Hall
Sage Chapel; men's dorms at foot of Libe slope
"Sham battle - Cayuga Lake" - men in uniform w. cannon overlooking lake
Enfield Glen, Buttermilk Glen
Totem pole on campus
Ithaca Falls
Blanche Monroe, Nellie Van Dyne, and Melissa Miller in front of Roberts Hall