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American Bar Association [subseries]:
Special and Standing Committees of American Bar Association: Standing Committee on Education Against Communism, 1966-67 (Dean not a member); Advisory Committee to Cooperate With the World Peace Through Law Center, 1969
ABA Sections: Section of Antitrust Law, 1951-67; Section of Public Utility Law, 1951-59; Section of Corporation, Banking, and Business Law: Committee on Money, Credit, and Monetary; Policy (Dean Chairman) 1960-63
Section of International and Comparative Law, including: General - 1946-67; Council - 1954-58; Special Committee to Study the Council: Dirksen Bill, 1955; Membership Committee, 1958-59; Special Committee on Cooperation with Legal Profession of Friendly Nations, 1955-60; Banco and Sabbatino cases, 1966-67; Committee on Collaboration between Executive and Legislative Branches of Federal Government 1954-60; Committee on Law of the Sea, 1959-60 (Dean not a member)
American Bar Association Meetings for which Dean was a Member of House of Delegates: Union International Des Avocats - Paris, July 15-20, 1956; 1956 Annual Meeting, Dallas, Texas; 1956 Mid-Year Meeting, Chicago, Illinois; 1957 Annual Meeting, New York and London; 1958 Mid-Year Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia; 1958 Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, California; American College of Trial Lawyers; General 1970-74; Committee for Investigating Money on Hand in Checking and Savings Accounts, 1960-61; New York Law Institute; General, 1955-62
Special and Standing Committees of the American Bar Association: Committee on Judicial Salaries, 1944-45; Association and Advisory Committee to the 1955-56 Standing committee of Public Relations, 1956-60; Committee on Federal Judiciary, 1956 (Dean not a member); Standing Committee on Peace and Law Through the United Nations (Dean Chairman) 1958-61; Special Committee on World Peace Through Law (Dean Vice Chairman) 1958-65
American Bar Association: General, 1956-75; Space Law Advisory Committee, 1964-70