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See also American Fiber, Textile, Apparel Coalition (AFTAC) 1986 Letters from U.S. members of Congress and senators re their position on Textile and Apparel Trade Act of 1987; letter to Rep. Stephen Solarz from ILGWU director of research Herman Starobin, providing requested statistical analysis, March 11, 1987; letter to Mazur from president of Local 100, Transport Workers Union, with copy of response by Rep. Solarz explaining opposition to trade act based on possible loss of jobs in trucking and other industries, December 15, 1987; letter from Mazur to Workmen's Circle, urging lobbying on behalf of bill, July 21, 1987; letter from Rep. Solarz to Walter Kirschenbaum, director of public affairs of Workmen's Circle, with cover note to Mazur from ACTWU president Jack Sheinkman, October 14, 1987; letter from International Leather Goods, Plastics and Novelty Workers' Union to members of NY congressional delegation who voted against the bill, urging them to reconsider when bill is returned after veto, September 29, 1987; unsigned confidential memos to Mazur re lobbying strategy; handwritten notes by Mazur; memos from Mazur to ILGWU staff and all regional directors re need to lobby senators in their district offices, with list of cosponsors, September 21 and November 16, 1987; form letters to members of Congress and senators from Social Democrats, USA, supporting bill, August 4, 1987; letter thanking Mazur for information, offering assistance, from United Mine Workers president Richard Trumka, July 2, 1987; form letters for union members to congressmen, newspaper editors, etc., with cover letter to regional directors re Community Action Day for leafleting at shopping centers, June 24, 1987; local action checklist, sent to all regional directors, June 15, 1987; German Press Review digest of articles critical of trade bill, May 12, 1987; memo with description of Omnibus Trade Bill of 1987, prepared by staff of the Senate Committee on Finance, proposed by Sen. Lloyd Bentsen (D-Tex.), February 3, 1987; Congressional Record transcript of Sen. Bentsen's proposal of bill; letter from Rep. Butler Derrick, chairman of the Congressional Textile Caucus, updating supporters of HR 1154, noting that omnibus trade bill does not accomplish enough, March 24, 1987; letter from ILGWU research director Herman Starobin to secretary of U.S. International Trade Commission re standardization of rules of origin, January 28, 1987; letter from Mazur to Lynn Williams, president, United Steelworkers of America, expressing concern over proposed final report of the Panel on U.S. Policy Toward the Newly Emerging Industrial Countries of the Economic Policy Council, suggesting that labor members of panel issue minority report, February 4, 1987; letter to Mazur from Fight Back America asking for list of contacts for each ILGWU local, with note from Mazur to staff asking about the identity of the group; invitation to ILGWU official Gus Tyler from congressional Office of Technology Assessment to serve on Advisory Panel on Technology, Innovation, and U.S. Trade, February 6, 1987; list of unions and other organizations in coalition to reform the Hatch Act, July 7, 1987; letter from Committee for International Support of Trade Union Rights to California Labor Federation re purchase of Korean-made crane by Port of Oakland, implementation of boycott, April 11, 1987; letters between ILGWU president emeritus Sol Chaikin and Institute for International Economics re invitation to meeting of study group on Trade Policy Toward Textiles and Apparel, with topical agenda, December 8, 1987; the AFL-CIO American Federationist, "The Roots of the Trade Crisis," April 18, 1987; letter from Mazur and ACTWU president Jack Sheinkman to International Longshoremen's Association Local 824 president John Bowers asking that NYS AFL-CIO withhold endorsement of state congressional representatives who voted against the Textile and Apparel Trade Act of 1987 despite promising to support it, with attached list of other union leader recipients, August 11, 1988; statement by Mazur before the Senate Committee on Finance in support of the act, July 30, 1987; remarks by Mazur on the Multifiber Arrangement, for presentation at seminar in Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 1987; newspaper clippings

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