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Correspondence: (to substitutes, from Guild chair of Substitutes Committee, outlines achievements, October 21, 1942; to Secretary, New York Central Trades and Labor Council, from Guild President, asking support for efforts to eliminate category "permanent substitutes," November 8, 1943; to Governor Dewey from Guild legislative representative, urging signature of bill granting annual salaries, pension and tenure rights to term substitutes, March 24, 1944; to Governor Dewey from Guild President urging signature of bill requiring appointment of regular teachers to fill vacancies, March 17, 1947; to Guild President from Secretary, Board of Education, replying to request on behalf of substitutes, that Board action depends on budget limitations, June 29, 1944; two prior letters from Guild President attached; copies of telegrams to New York State legislators, supporting bills, from Guild President, February 1, 1945; letters re loss of day's pay by substitutes, May-June 1946); press releases:(re "treachery" of Board of Education counsel's move to invalidate extended teacher-eligible lists, n.d., 3 pages; "Teachers Guild Accepts Challenge of Committee on Works Projects Identifying Schools Where WPA Workers Have Regular Class Thus Displacing Regular Teachers," letter to President, Board of Education protesting assignment of WPA workers to regular teaching position, February 22, 1935; "Shall the Substitute's Welfare Be Sacrificed to Propaganda Purposes?" April 5, 1937, 3 pages; "Guild Insists that the Feld-Holly Law Be Carries Out," letter to New York City Mayor La Guardia, calling for restoration of $30,000 cut from examiners budget, needed for enforcement of new law, October 9, 1937; "Teachers Guild Asks `What Price Economy?'" October 31, 1939; copy of letter to Board of Education and Superintendent of Schools from Guild President, urging regular appointment of dismissed substitutes to fill vacancies in handicapped classes, September 20, 1941; objecting to regular appointment of newly-licensed teachers before regular appointment of Long-time "permanent substitutes" October 22, 1945; urging pay for substitutes forced out of work by emergency school closing, February 13, 1946); Taft's discussion notes, class outline; Brief of the Vandewoude Decision, January 15, 1935; "A Joint Memorandum to the City Council of New York," opposing invalidation of extended teacher-eligible lists, n.d., c. 1944; pamphlets and publication of the Teachers Guild: "The New York Teachers Guild - 1941", "A Program for 1945-45", and several copies of the Guild Teacher and Guild Bulletin, 1937-45

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