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Rest of the News was a radical radio news group formed in Ithaca, New York in 1971. The group produced 10-15 minute broadcasts following the regular news on WVBR in Ithaca, focusing on significant current topics such as the Attica Prison rebellion of 1971, the liberation movement in Zimbabwe, the Native American movement, the War in Vietnam, and other issues. Broadcasts included interviews with leading participants in these events interwoven with a script and music. By 1973, ROTN was reaching radio stations across the country and launched a weekly national subscription service for its news tapes. An internal split in 1975 led to the moving of ROTN and its files and tapes to New York City in the middle of the night. The more radical New York contingent continued broadcasting for about a year, but its strident, rhetorical style caused radio stations to cancel the service, and the New York program folded.

The Ithaca faction had meanwhile reorganized and, within a year of the split, began broadcasting again. The Ithaca program lasted two years longer than the New York program, but it folded, in part due to lack of outside support.