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ILGWU, Canada, Western Canada Region District Council
List of Nygard ILGWU shops in Winnipeg, March 22, 1993; letter from Winnipeg Local 286 co-manager Phyllis Webb to Canadian director Gerald Roy re co-manager Leslie Spillett's violent opposition to resolution calling for one manager, December 2, 1988; letter to Roy from Spillett with attached resolutions re dues, establishment of newsletter, payment for meeting attendance, December 15, 1988; memo re Tan Jay Inkster/McDermot contract and others, removal of definition of part-time employee, disqualification from bargaining unit, December 15, 1988; auditor's financial statements re income and losses for Western Canadian Region District Council, subsidies to Canadian affiliates, November 9-10, 1987; letter to Mazur from Spillett re arrears owed to ILGWU by district council, January 12, 1987; financial statements and auditor's report, Western Canadian Region Consolidated Health & Welfare Fund, for the year ended December 31, 1986; letter to Mazur from Roy re accusations by Spillett against Winnipeg member Joy Santos, August 17, 1987; letter from Manitoba Labour Board exonerating Santos, November 4, 1987; formal letter of complaint to the president of the district council against Spillett for Santos matter by members of Local 288, October 8, 1987; letter of resignation by Marlene Hill as manager of Vancouver and Edmonton locals 287 and 568, with cover letter to Mazur from Roy, August 29, 1986, and May 12, 1986, noting co-manager arrangement has not worked; ten-page letter to Mazur from Roy re organization of Western Canadian Region, constant confrontation between Spillett (Winnipeg) and Hill (Vancouver), fiscal instability, status of benefit plans, need for drastic action, August 27, 1986; letter to Roy from Vancouver/Edmonton manager Marlene Hill recommending ethnically diverse organizing teams, discussing difficulty recruiting organizers from Asian membership (language barrier, cultural perception of role of women), August 18, 1986; proposal for dental, extended health and weekly indemnity benefits, July 2, 1986; draft of booklet from actuaries to Quebec Fashion Industries Retirement Fund describing restructured pension plan, August 14, 1986; letter to Mazur from Hill re her appointment to the Review Board of the Workers Compensation Board, July 25, 1986; letter to Mazur from Spillett, congratulating him on election as president, June 11, 1986; resolution by Western Canadian Region District Council authorizing officers to execute documents accepting loans from ILGWU, May 12, 1986; letter of resignation by Marlene Hill as co-manager of Western Canadian Region District Council and local manager, noting co-manager arrangement has not worked, May 12, 1986; loan agreement between ILGWU and Western Canadian Region District Council, March 26, 1986; memo to Mazur from Theodore Bernstein noting problems cited in auditor's reports for Western Canadian Region's Retirement and Health and Welfare Funds, noting lack of professional investment management, significant amounts not being remitted, high administrative costs, February 13, 1986; increasingly strident correspondence between Marlene Hill and Nina Gribble, director of organizing, over a $20 reimbursement for clerical staff member, copied up to Mazur, January 1985; resolutions by Western Canada District Council to authorize loans from ILGWU, May 20,1986; letter from ILGWU Canadian director Gerald Roy to Canadian Labour Congress re dispute between Local 286 ILGWU, and Local 459 ACTWU over bargaining rights at 365 Valentine Ave., Winnipeg, May 13, 1986; extensive handwritten notes by Mazur