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ILGWU, Midwest Region
Letter from several members of Local 188 in Milwaukee asking Mazur to look into failure to elect the manager of the district council, with letter from Mazur to Lou Montenegro, director of the Midwest region, October 27 and November 9, 1988; letter from Mazur to Montenegro, noting resignation of assistant regional director, September 2, 1988; company profile of Wicker Park L.P., Chicago (Prattville Apparel/Smoler Bros.), notes for meeting with Lou Montenegro and Nick Bonanno, July 14, 1988; memo to Mazur from Montenegro re Henry Lee Mfg. Co., Chicago, litigation, with attached memo from attorneys, January 15, 1988; copy of check with thank-you letter to Mazur from Montenegro for financial support of Midwest Region's School for Workers Seminar at the University of Illinois, January 4, 1988; letter from Montenegro to Junior House Mfg. Co. asking for meeting, November 17, 1987; letter to ILGWU legislative director Evelyn Dubrow from Montenegro asking for contribution to fundraiser for congressman Lane Evans, November 5, 1987; letter from Montenegro to ILGWU general auditor asking for reinstatement of Midwest District Council #2, with attached letter from district manager, September 28, 1987; letter to Mazur from Montenegro re organizing campaign of Hispanic workers at Advanced Engineering Corp., unfair labor practices filing, strike fund support, July 10, 1987; petitions for charter by workers at Monterey Knitting Mills in Janesville, WI, to both ILGWU and ACTWU, with cover letter to Mazur from Montenegro recommending assigning the same local number as ACTWU assigns, June 25, 1987; memo from Montenegro re proposed salary increases for staff in Immigration Program, noting the program supervisor's salary should be at least as much as the man she supervises, May 1987; letter to Mazur from Montenegro re staff appointment of organizer, with attached resume, April 10, 1987; letter to Mazur from Montenegro noting reluctance to accept position as Chicago mayor Harold Washington's labor committee chairman on his re-election campaign because another contribution would be expected from the union, pressure to eventually accept because of "explosive" racial situation, request for $5,000, December 11, 1986; letter from Montenegro asking for additional $2,500 campaign contribution to re-elect Washington, March 10, 1987; press release, Statement by Lou Montenegro, Chairman of Labor Committee to Re-Elect Mayor Washington, November 20, 1986; letter to Montenegro, copied to Mazur, from member of Local 444, employed by Columbus Sportswear, noting problems with union business agent, November 24, 1986; correspondence between Mazur, Montenegro, exec. Asst Susan Cowell, and a member of Local 499 who quit Prattville Apparel (Herrin, IL) after 20 years over a proposed contract clause and filed a grievance seeking reinstatement, September-October 1986; memo re public liability insurance, July 25, 1986; newspaper clippings