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PEF Correspondence: John O'Leary
Correspondence re legal representation for Beverly Paigen, cancer research scientist at Roswell Park Memorial Institute in Buffalo, who exposed deficiencies in the Department of Health's report on hazards to residents from the Love Canal chemical waste site, and was apparently being professionally harassed by Commissioner of Health David Axelrod, December 1979; monthly reports; letter from O'Leary resigning his position as PEF staff director, as planned, December 18, 1979; memos re PEF agency fee refund, November 7, and PEF tentative agreement re salary, November 19; document, "PEF Sold Correctional Personnel Down the River," by Rand Condell, October 4; memos from O'Leary to Jim Conti re discipline and arbitration cases, August; thank-you letters to various NYSUT staff for assistance, August; Improper Practice Charge by PEF against state Office of Employee Relations, July; memos from O'Leary to NYSUT Executive Director Vito De Leonardis re increase in requests for legal assistance, difficulty in obtaining a quick response from staff attorneys to even the simplest question, need for dedicated attorney for PEF, July 9; status of contract arbitrations, July 9; memos re office expenses, space needs, May 11 and June 22; memo to PEF staff re non-contract grievances, May 7; memo from O'Leary to PEF representatives re strike at Department of Corrections, procedures for proving an employee was not on strike, May 4; memo re dues increase, April 24; memo re steward training, April 17; memos discussing procedures for handling different types of grievances, April; memo reporting on meeting re grievances with the state Office of Employee Relations, April 9; memo to PEF staff re litigation with CSEA over PERB's certification of PEF, February 14