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PEF Correspondence: Jim Conti
Letter from Jim Conti to PEF secretary-treasurer re sharing research resources, January 13, 1981; letters from Jim Conti to PEF secretary-treasurer accepting invitations to attend its first and second conventions, September 18, 1979, and September 3, 1980; Civil Service classification standards, with cover letter to Jim Conti, February 5, 1979; correspondence with PEF president John Kraemer re salary schedule for new unit, with attached enabling legislation, November 1979; letter to PEF president Kraemer from director of state Office of Employee Relations, agreeing to remove moratorium on titles in the unit, November 6, 1979; New York State Public Employees Federation Tentative Contract Agreement, April 1, 1979-March 31, 1982, with summary of highlights and cover letter to members; memo from Jim Conti to Vito De Leonardis re PEF budget for 1980-81; letter from Jim Conti to president of United University Professions (UUP) re meeting to discuss upcoming negotiations, July 22, 1981; letter from Local 144 of the Hotel, Hospital, Nursing Home & Allied Health Services Union, May 19, 1980, question of whether office staff of West Hempstead school district were in a separate unit; letter from a staff attorney with state Ag & Markets requesting that certain requirements imposed on legal staff be brought up in negotiations, June 4, 1979, with reply from Jim Conti referring matter to John O'Leary, PEF staff director; memo from Jim Conti to NYSUT president Tom Hobart re potential PEF and UUP challenges, June 10, 1981; correspondence with Jeff Turner of Service Employees International Union (SEIU) re compensation data, July 26, 1979; material from Turner re compensation proposals for unclassified professionals at special schools (physicians at mental health agencies), March 1980; a letter from PEF president Kraemer correspondence with Elizabeth Hoke, PEF Mid-Hudson Regional Coordinator, re attending meeting, sending letter to technicians in organizing campaign in Denver, February-June, 1980; list of names and addresses of members of CONISS, from Elizabeth Hoke, September 1980; confidential correspondence re New York State School for the Blind, September 18, 1980; correspondence with John Kraemer, president of PEF, and Jules Nadell, Council Leader, re Downstate Medical Center job titles and classifications, antipathy between UUP and PEF, February-November 1981; confidential letter from Jim Conti to PEF president John Kraemer advising against assigning legal representation for Roswell Park scientist and Love Canal whistleblower Beverly Paigen due to political nature of her case, possible negative publicity for PEF and NYSUT, damage to relationship with state agencies and legislature, February 25, 1980; related correspondence, in agreement, between NYSUT president Tom Hobart and executive director Vito De Leonardis; letter to Kraemer re negotiation requests for 4201 schools, including salary schedules and differentials for major metropolitan areas, May 19, 1981; related correspondence; SCDU (Statewide Coalition for a Democratic Union) newsletters urging rejection of contract proposal, November 20, 1979, with cover letter to Kraemer from Jim Conti; letter from Jim Conti to PERB deputy chairman Jerome Lefkowitz, opposing proposed rule allowing creation of new bargaining units by petition of 30 percent of members in a job category, noting that PEF alone encompassed 2,500 job titles, April 23, 1980; text of new salary schedule as an amendment to Civil Service law in extraordinary session of the Senate-Assembly, November 1, 1979; PEF Tentative Contract Agreement, April 1, 1970-March 31, 1982, with summary and cover letter from PEF president Kraemer urging ratification; memo re Labor Department citation of Horseheads Central School District for failure to pay minimum wage to its teachers aides, July 16, 1981; confidential memo from Jim Conti re correspondence between State Education Department and Batavia School for the Blind, concern over procedure for addition of new staff, process for referral of PEF issues to NYSUT, September 1980; letter from member to PEF president Kraemer, copied to Albert Shanker, expressing concern over lack of legal assistance, with cover memo from Jim Conti, June-September 1980; letters to PEF Executive Board and president Kraemer from member requesting legal representation, complaining of lack of response, December 1979-July 1980; PEF proposed salary schedule for Rome-Batavia schools, March 11, 1980; outline of organizing training materials for PEF field representatives; correspondence re other training