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PEF Correspondence: Joe Kraemer
Envelopes marked "Exhibit A," "Exhibit B," "Exhibit C," containing brochures for PEF insurance plans, and cover letter from PEF president John Kraemer to Jim Conti; 1980 Report of the Political Action Committee, with cover memo to PEF Executive Board from PEF president Kraemer; memo to PEF Executive Board from PEF president Kraemer re upcoming Executive Board meeting, with attached agenda calling for reports from various committees, and list of PEF membership by department, July 23, 1980; similar meeting notice, May 1; letter from Kraemer to state Office of Employee Relations re tentative agreement between state and specialized state schools (for deaf and blind) in Batavia and Rome, June 2, 1980; letters re restraining order against change by Civil Service of job title from teacher to developmental specialist, implications for 10-month work year, March-April 1980; letter from Kraemer to doctors at Mental Health agencies explaining proposed increase in salary schedule, January 31, 1980; correspondence between Kraemer and other members of the Executive Board re controversy over seating representatives of the Department Mental Hygiene on the board, injunction by member of the Department of Social Services, January 1980; year-end report from John O'Leary re contract grievances, discipline cases, training, unresolved problems, January 4, 1980; report from John O'Leary to Kraemer re alternative discipline procedure Section 33.5 (f), negotiated in the PEF contract, January 17, 1980