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Public Employees Federation
Minutes of Executive Board meetings of February 20, October 12, and November 5, 1980, November 7, 1979; proposed model constitution for divisions, guidelines, application forms; PEF affirmative action policy; Resolution on the Italian Earthquake, relief efforts; materials re membership benefits program; newspaper clippings re PEF president John Kraemer as target of no-show probe, union criticism of Gov. Carey's Labor Department commissioner appointment as "absolutely unfit," other issues; Region One Steering Committee report on (second) PEF state convention, 1980; convention resolutions; Resolutions Committee reports; memo re spending freeze at PEF, November 5, 1980; Ethics and Responsibility Committee report, November 5; letters from the chair of the Ethics and Responsibility Committee to members who brought grievances, October 23; An Education/Action Program for a Safe Energy/Full Employment Society submitted by the Sponsors of the First National Labor Conference for Safe Energy and Full Employment, against nuclear power, October 10-12, 1980; description of divisions as written in the original PEF constitution and amended by the Second Convention; letter to PEF president Kraemer from the Coalition of Nurses in State Service (CONISS), asserting that creation of advisory committee within the Departments of Mental Hygiene and Mental Retardation would not address problem of poor recruitment and retention of nurses at all state agencies, instead recommending 15 proposals, including raising starting salary of RNs to $16,380, November 5; PEF Legislative News newsletter; legislative memos in support of various bills; legislative report re state budget, defeat of onerous proposals, March 13, 1980; transcript of rebuttal by PEF vice president to radio editorial (WINS 1010) re closure of mental institutions, funding of community-based housing, April 17; Mental Health Task Force Bulletin and legislative memorandum; task force Update newsletter, May; procedures for filing a grievance petition; PEF press release reacting to Gov. Carey's announcement of plans to lay off 5,000 state workers, April 8; related newspaper clippings; Report to the Executive Board: Resolutions of the First Annual Convention, February 20, 1980; materials, including letters and sworn statements re legal dispute between PEF president Kraemer and Department of Environmental Conservation (PEF/EnCon) constituent representative and Executive Board member Michael Keenan, unilaterally removed by Kraemer, January-February; PEF constitution and by-laws; Report of Trustees re audit, December 12, 1979; constitution of AFT; PEF schedules by certified public accountants for the period ended September 30, 1979; certification of results of contract ratification election for collective bargaining agreement negotiated between PEF and the State of New York, December 20, 1979; insurance information update, February 19, 1980; order to show cause on injunction with temporary restraining order affecting board members of the Department of Mental Hygiene, with cover letter from Kraemer, January 31, 1980