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Public Employees Federation (PEF) Review Committee
Minutes of December 3, 1980, Review Committee meeting; confidential memo from Jim Conti, director of NYSUT Field Service Operations, to chair of the PEF Review Committee, to discuss services by NYSUT available to PEF, January 15, 1981; proposed PEF organization charts, January 7 and 20, 1981; memo to PEF Review Committee from Elizabeth Hoke, regional coordinator, Region 9, re her perspective of duties, with handwritten, highly negative comments in the margins, November 11, 1980; agenda for Review Committee meeting of March 11, 1981; agreement between PEF, AFT and SEIU, August 30, 1979, revised September 5, 1979; description of Public Employee Benefit Fund Direct Payment Plan, effective November 1, 1981; memo from PEF president John Kraemer to Executive Board members, regional coordinators, and officers, re performance advance grievance settlement, November 12, 1981; memos re contract negotiations; memo from Kraemer re status of proposed layoffs by the state Labor Department, July 6, 1981; materials re petition for representation election filed by Professional, Scientific and Technical Services Negotiating Unit (PS&T United), letter from Kraemer warning of possible fraudulent anti-union affiliation, August 1981, letter from state negotiating team refusing to begin work on next contract as long as potential challenge existed from PS&T, May 1981; letter from Kramer urging that no one sign representation cards from PS&T, noting that state determined that public employees' names and addresses be furnished to PS&T, April 30, 1981; PEF press release re PS&T challenge, link with NEA, March