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Edward Roe Eastman was a writer, editor, educator, and farmer. He was born and raised in Berkshire, Tioga County, New York. He became a teacher and later a principal of schools in Interlaken, Richford, and Newark Valley. Eastman farmed for several years, and became the first county agent in Delaware County, New York, where he played an important part in forming the Dairymen's League Cooperative. He was editor of The Dairymen's League News from 1917-1922 and helped organize the State Conference Board of Farm Organizations as a vehicle for joint legislative action. He was the assistant county agricultural leader at the State College of Agriculture at Cornell University through World War I. In 1922, he became editor of the magazine American Agriculturalist until 1957, when he was named president emeritus of the publication. Eastman was president of the New York State Council on Rural Education, a member of the National Citizens Council for Better Schools, and helped establish the central school system for rural New York. He was a member and vice chancellor of the State Board of Regents, a trustee for both Ithaca College and Cornell University, and served as a counselor for Ithaca College students. He also authored several books, including Journey to Day Before Yesterday and Eastman's Chestnuts.