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Series I. Administrative [series]:
Contains records pertaining to the administration of the Ithaca Rotary Club.

Constitutions and Bylaws [subseries]:
Committees [subseries]:
General Administrative Records [subseries]:
Ithaca Rotary Charitable Trust [subseries]:
Club and Member History [subseries]:
Attendance Records [subseries]:
Rosters and Membership [subseries]:
Includes dated and undated rosters and membership cards, loose pages from rosters, and information gathered for creating the rosters.

Series II. Board of Directors [series]:
Board of Directors meeting minutes. Also includes some material presented to the Board, including correspondence and financial reports.

Series III. Presidents [series]:
The series consists largely of material from presidents' notebooks/workbooks, including correspondence, material for the Board of Directors, budgets, reports and committee materials.

Maurice C. Bond, 1971-1972 [subseries]:
Includes material pertaining to the formation of the Ithaca-Cayuga Club.

Ted Baldwin, 1963-1964 [subseries]:
Ralph Hospital, 1964-1965 [subseries]:
Eugene Erickson, 1986-1987 [subseries]:
Barbara Thuesen, 1997-1998 [subseries]:
Fred Antil, 2001-2002 [subseries]:
Series IV. Secretaries [series]:
Contains the files assembled by secretaries of the Ithaca Rotary Club. These files cover a broad range of subjects, including membership and attendance, committees, club programming, material related to specific presidents and treasurers, and material pertaining to Rotary in a broader sense, including Rotary International, the Rotary Foundation, and the various Rotary districts of which Ithaca Rotary has been a member.

General Secretaries, 1946-1974 [subseries]:
This series begins with material from Earl Atkinson (1923-1946) and Frank Philipps (1946). It also includes material from a time of secretarial transition (1968-1974). When Secretary Frank R. Bliss died suddenly in 1970, several secretaries held the post in quick succession, including Clarence W. Mitchell, William H. Allen, Jr., and Robert "Bob" Head. Unlike other secretarial files, which are arranged according to secretary, the organizer of these files sorted them by years and topics, combining material from Bliss and the secretaries who followed him within each file. Finally, the series also includes one box of files (1944-1967) organized alphabetically rather than by subject. For instance, a file labeled "T" could contain material from the club treasurer, correspondents whose name begins with T, etc. This material is largely from Ollie Jones' tenure, but also includes some material from Frank Philipps' time as secretary.

Oliver "Ollie" Jones, 1946-1966 [subseries]:
Jones was secretary of Ithaca Rotary from 1946-1963, and again from 1964-1966. In 1963-1964, he was District Governor of Rotary International District 717. This series contains some of his files as District Governor, as well as those during his transition back to his role as secretary of Ithaca Rotary.

Frank R. Bliss, 1963-1964 and 1966-1970 [subseries]:
Bliss became secretary while Ollie Jones was District Governor, leaving the post on Jones' return, and resuming it in 1966. He died while still secretary of the club in 1970.

Robert H. "Bob" Head, 1971-1980 [subseries]:
Bob Head's files comprise the largest set of secretarial files in the collection.

Series V. Districts [series]:
Ithaca Rotary has been part of various Rotary districts since its foundation. These files include material from Districts 187, 253, 254, 717 and 7170. Material includes Ithaca Rotary Annual Club Assembly reports to the district, district newsletters, district conference materials and correspondence.

Series VI. Rotary Foundation [series]:
Material related to the Ithaca Rotary Club's fundraising for the Rotary Foundation, and to programs sponsored through the Foundation, including the Group Study Exchange. Includes correspondence, certificates, publications and reports.

Series VII. Ithaca Rotary Club Publications [series]:
Includes the weekly Ithaca Rotary Club publication, entitled THE ROTARY CLUB NEWS. Later issues carry the title of THE NEWS, but all issues of the publication are bound together in the collection under the title THE ROTARY CLUB NEWS. The collection includes both bound and loose issues, along with other Ithaca Rotary pamphlets and publications.

Series VIII. Rotary International [series]:
Rotary International publications, including conference proceedings. Also includes Ithaca Rotary Club files related to both Rotary International and to fellow Rotary clubs.

General [subseries]:
Publications [subseries]:
Series IX. Multimedia [series]:
Contains DVD's, CD's, floppy disks, a videocassette, and a phonograph record. The DVD's include a series of Oral History interviews conducted with Ithaca Rotary Members in 2004. Interviewees include Jack Burns, Bob Eastman, Barbara Caldwell, Carman Hill, Gene Erickson, Bob and Dale Baker, John Seeley and Bob Yong, Dale Flinn, Dave Flinn, Barbara Thuesen, Barlow Ware, Don Kompf, Bill Downing, and Fred Antil.

Series X. Photographs [series]:
Includes labeled and unlabeled photographs, both loose and in albums. Includes both black and white and color shots.

Series XI. Memorabilia and Ephemera [series]:
Objects such as plaques, certificates, Paul Harris Fellow Medals, Barlow Ware's whistle, and other artifacts.