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List of the committee members (1965); Letter regarding two applicants and expressing concern as to their acceptability, one thought to be a union attorney (Harry Galfand), the other a management consultant (Cy Ching) (1966); Letter concerning applicant Cy Ching, relates receipt of positive comments and suggests his resume be sent to the membership (1965); Letter to president from committee chair relating these recommendations: that Cy Ching be admitted under Section 2B, that a list of applicants be admitted, that several applicants be deferred, and that several applicants be held or processed. Letter also expresses concern over admission standards for state board members (1965); Letter requesting application materials, and cover letter sent with such materials (1966); Biographical resumes of applicants, also, blank comment forms (1965); Cover letter with biographical resumes of applicants, transferring resumes for duplication and circularization to the membership (1965); Letter relating regret that Mrs. Holdridge (a secretary) will not attend the annual meeting (1965); Cover letter to check for Eastern Airlines, letter also advises that Cy Ching's resume be circulated to the membership (1965); Invoice for envelopes (1965); Letter concerning application of Cy Ching, unanimously endorsed by committee, question as to whether or not it is necessary to circulate his resume to the membership (1965); Letter requesting check for airline tickets for a secretary and announcing the next committee meeting (1965); Letter thanking for reply to an inquiry (no elaboration) and noting change of address (1965); Letter relating change of address, and serving as a cover letter to dues payment (1965); Cover letter to dues payment and Academy reply (1965); correspondence regarding Ted Tsukiyama's request for application materials; Correspondence regarding Cy Ching's application for membership, some discussion of the possibility of amending the constitution to include "a special category of honorary membership" for "a person of real distinction, a labor relations expert and labor dispute `neutral'" (1965); Letter from nominating committee to membership announcing the nominations for new officers (1965); Letter from new member thanking for his acceptance, and serving as a cover letter to his dues payment (1965); Letters requesting dues payments (1965); Cover letter to letter concerning the Board's rejection of George F. Hayes (1965); Academy reply to, and letter from a would-be arbitrator desiring information on the academy, includes two resumes (1965); Letter from a new member thanking for his admission (1965); Letter to member requesting the signed affirmation of dues payment (1965); correspondence concerning the transfer of applicants files, accepted, deferred, or otherwise; Letter making arrangements for new members, includes: inscription of certificates of membership, sending of insurance material, making up of address plates, and the sending of the current Volume of Proceedings (1965); List of new members and their addresses (1965); Letter notifying applicants of their acceptance, with list of enclosures (1965); Material concerning actions of the Board of Governors at the 9/18/65 meeting, includes: the list of new members, the list of rejected applicants, and the list of applications still under consideration. Also mentioned is making Cyrus Ching a "Special Permanent Honorary Guest:, and the raising of the issue of charitable or scholarship funds in honor of deceased members (1965); Letter extending best wishes to a member who was in an accident (1965); Letter requesting that application materials be sent to four men and the cover letters sent with such materials (1965); Letter regarding an injured member's request for the necessary forms to enter a claim (1965); Letter requesting a member sign and return his dues affirmation (1965); Form letter announcing the next Board of Governors meeting, listing the agenda, and inquiring if member will attend (1965); Cover letter returning a check and signed affirmation statement to new member, member had already paid dues, affirmation statement returned for member's records (1965); Biographical resumes and comment sheets (1965); Letter relating the transfer of some correspondence, noting that the committee's proposed policy statement will be presented at the Board of Governors meeting, and noting that the committee's recommendations with respect to the membership will be considered (1965); Sympathy letter sent to the widow of Carl R. Schedler (1965); Cover letter to dues check and signed affirmation (1965); Letter to member stating that his dues check was received and deposited, also request from member that this be checked (1965); Letter requesting application materials, and cover letter sent with such materials (1965); Letter concerning Academy member Alec Frey's refusal to sign the affirmation statement (1965); Cover letter transferring the application of, and letter praising Nathan Cayton (1965); Letter concerning, and actual letter from Alexander Frey refusing to sign the affirmation statement (1965); Letter returning dues statement to member for signature (1965); Letter which accompanied a member's dues check and signed affirmation statement (1965); Letter from applicant inquiring as to the status of his application and Academy reply explaining the process and directing further inquiries to the committee chairman (1965); Letters accompanying and apologizing for late dues checks (1965); Letter to president informing him of the death of member Carl Schedler and suggesting he send a note of sympathy to the family (1965); Letters to members informing them they have not sent in their dues or affirmation statements (1965); Bill from Beaux Arts Studios for one Academy Certificate (1965); Letter requesting application materials, and cover letters sent with such materials (1965); Letter from member thanking for the return of his check (1965); Letter thanking for sending of application forms, and noting they were filled out and sent in (1965); Letter from member requesting an application be sent to Abner Brodie, included is a partial list of Brodie's arbitration cases (1965); Letter relating the committee's policy as to full-time assistants to permanent chairman (1965); Letter to applicant notifying receipt of the completed form (1965); Letter from member requesting that application materials be sent to William P. Murphy and cover letter sent with such materials (1965); Letter from applicant noting that his application has been completed and sent in, also inquires if another copy is needed. Also, letter from secretary to committee stating he did not realize an application was already filed when the forms were sent out (1965); Letter from member requesting application materials be sent to Rankin M. Gibson, also cover letter sent with such materials (1965); Cover letter to member returning extra check and dues statement (1965); Correspondence regarding the committee chairmen's secretary, and the proposal that she be invited to the annual meeting expenses to be paid by the Academy as a token of appreciation for her work for the Academy (1965); Letter requesting application materials, and cover letter sent with such materials (1965); Letter to member returning dues check since member's dues had been waived (1965); Letter concerning an effort to get discount privileges with Hertz or Avis (1965); Letter to applicant David M. Helfeld informing him of his acceptance into the Academy and appointing him to the Arrangements Committee and the Program Committee (1965); Letter making arrangements for acceptance of David M. Helfeld, includes: sending of the current Volume of Proceedings, inscription of a Certificate of Membership, and sending of insurance material (1965); Letter requesting more copies of "Statements of Academy Purposes and Aims" and "Policy Relative to Membership" (1965); Letters requesting application materials and cover letters sent with such materials (1965); Letter of regret to resigning member (1965); Sympathy letter to Mrs. Harold T. Dworet concerning the recent death of her husband (1965); Correspondence regarding the signing of the membership certificates (1965); Letter concerning Frank P. Douglass' failure to sign affirmation statement, unable to do so due to sickness (1965); Letter relating the death of member Harold Dworet (1965); Letter from member endorsing applicant David M. Helfeld, also his biographical resume which was sent out to the membership, also blank comment sheet (1965); Letter staffing the committee (1965); Letter sent out with dues statements (for signature of affirmation statement, not to get dues) to members whose dues payment has been waived (1965); List of new members and their addresses (1965); Letters sent out to new members notifying them of their acceptance, also serving as a cover letter to the usual materials sent to new members (1965); Correspondence making arrangements for new members, includes: inscription of Certificates of Membership, making up of address plates, and the sending of insurance material (1965); Letter serving as a cover letter to transferred "files" (1965); Letter relating to members the reports being distributed to those who missed the annual meeting (1965); Letter appointing chairman of the committee; Cover letter to application materials sent to Leo W. Walsh (1965); Reply to an invitation from Charles S. Rhyme to the World Peace Through Law Center conference, was sent with a copy of the membership directory suggesting Mr. Rhyme write individual members, since the Academy as a whole could not become involved (1965); Letters to Harry Abrahams wishing him a speedy recovery from his illness (1965); Cover letter to application forms sent to Leon Herman for reapplication (1965); Cover letter to membership directory sent to Joseph J. Smith in response to his request for information about the Academy's activities and membership requirements (1965); Excerpt from Jan. 26, 1965 Board Minutes. The committee's section lists accepted applicants, one applicant tabled for further investigation, and one for further consideration, also raises the issue of assistants in an umpire system (1965); Letter relating to secretary that committee chairman ordered envelopes from his office and that the bill is enclosed (1965); Letter sent to membership announcing the annual meeting and requesting information such as, whether or not they plan to attend, if their wife is coming, etc. (1965); Cover letter, and actual (blank) Arbitration Survey Committee Questionnaire sent out to membership for completion and return (1965).

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