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Membership Committee
Request for application from Frank W. McCulloch, who plans to step down from his position as NLRB Chairman soon, also an internal Academy letter with suggestions as to how to handle the situation since Mr. McCulloch has no actual arbitration experience (1970); Letter informing applicant Anthony V. Sinicropi that he does not have a substantial enough case load for acceptance, suggest he reapply later, after he gets more experience (1970);Letter to applicant Charles J. Morris suggesting that he delay his application for membership until he gains more experience, a more substantial case load (1970); Letter from non-member requesting reprints of Academy lectures on arbitration (1970); Letter to committee members announcing the next meeting (1970); Biographical resumes of applicants (1970); Letter to applicant Harry F. Stark notifying him that the committee is holding off on deciding on his application until the end of the year, also asks for a list, around that time, of any additional cases (1970); Letter to applicant Walter H. Allman requesting more information if he still wants to apply (1970); Letter to applicant J. Thomas Rimer, Jr. notifying him that he should reapply in the future since at the present time his arbitration experience is too far in the past, and currently he seems to be a management spokesperson (1970); Letter from member in support of denied applicant Anthony Sinicropi, also, secretary's reply which states that the applicant was denied due to insufficient experience and also states that the member's letter would be passed on to the committee (1970); Draft and final letter sent to applicant Frank W. McCulloch, former NLRB Chairman, the letter suggests that he delay his application until he gets more experience, it also notifies him that Rolf Valtin will be in touch with him to discuss the matter, and future alternatives (1970); Correspondence in relation to the matter of Frank W. McCulloch's inquiry about membership in the Academy (1970); Letter concerning the application of Howard D. Brown, suggests that he was not accepted due to lack of experience, he has only been an arbitrator for two years (1970); Biographical resumes and blank comment forms, also includes a handwritten letter transferring these from the committee chairman to the secretary (1970); Cover letter to several copies of the Academy's "Statement Of Policy Relative To Membership" sent to Justo Pastor Rivera (1970); Cover letter to, and biographical resumes of applicants (1970); Letter to applicant Berwyn F. Hanley from committee chairman suggesting he withdraw his application on the basis of insufficient acceptability since all of his cases except one are through a state agency (1970); Letter to applicant Robert L. Gibson denying acceptance on the basis of his representational work (1970); Letter to applicant Lewis B. Kaden suggesting he withdraw his application on the basis of inexperience, and the fact that he still does some representational work (1970); Letter to applicant Harry F. Stark suggesting he withdraw his application and apply at a later date when he has more solidly established himself as an arbitrator (1970).