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Series VII. Subject Arrangement, 1941-1956 [series]:
Variety of single items under headings: National Lawyers Guild, National Committee on Social Legislation, report on Post War Low-Rent Public Housing Program; "Greenbelt Plan" for community redevelopment; "Appropriations" for Public War Housing 1944; "Finance and Accounts" 1944; charts for General Housing Act of 1945 (MS)
Miscellaneous Correspondence 1945-1949 (by Subj.)-Corres., statements, memorandum (single items) under headings; Carl Chatter, American Municipal Assoc. 1948-9; "Council of State Governments" 1948; "Regional Economists" 1948 (duplicates); "Legislation, Housing (Misc.) 1946;" David "Krooth" General Counsel on his resignation, 1946; "Income-Family" 1948; "Local Housing Authorities" draft on PHA-LHA relationships 1948, Housing Legislation Information Service report on meeting, Nov. 10, 1945
Miscellaneous Correspondence 1950-1953 (by Subj.)-Correspondence, statements, reports (single items): "Reorganization Housing," "Housing Standards and Designs" on comparision PHA-FHA standards 1950; "Surveys and studies of Housing Conditions" 1951; "NAHO-General" questionnaire on relationship HHFA employees and NAHO 1952; "Urban Redevelopment" 1952; "Va. (Norfolk)" land tranfer 1952; "bond Buyer" 1953; "NAHO Fiscal Policy Committee" 1953; "SCUR" [slum clearance and urban redevelopment] proposal to consolidate Title I and Title II in one Administrative Agency 1953; "Site Acquistions" for Winston Salem, N.C. and Milwaukee, Wisc. 1953, clippings from Congressional Record retirement Raymond Foley "HHFA Administrator, March 18, 1953
Miscellaneous Correspondence 1954-1956 (by Subj.)-Correspondence, statements, reports (single items) under headings: "Ohio, Cleveland" 1954; "Legis. Housing-1954;" "Delegations of Authority" from HHFA Manual 1954; "Hoover commission [x "Capital Grants']" statement of reasons for use of Annual Contributions instead of capital grants to assist public housing 1955; "Housing Amendments 1956;" "Training [x Warren Jay Vinton Speeches, Articles etc.-1956];" "History of housing" in lecture by Carter McFarland at HHFA Training Conference 1956
Misc. corres., statistics, charts, announcement of meetings, report on USHA program, MS notes "The Physical Plant of the American People"
Study of Population Redistribution-Correspondence with Carter Goodrich, Study of Population Redistribution, Washington, D.C., concerning article Vinton while studying at Columbia was to do on classifying states according to when frontier ended
Fifty thousand rehoused families, An Analysis of the Low-Rent Housing Program Based on the Records of One Hundred and Sixty Three Projects, Nov. 1942. Typescript 316 pp. incl. tables