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AFL-CIO-IUD-Legislative Committee
See also AFL-CIO Executive Council 7/91 Proposed program 1989, by Jay Mazur, chairman; list of members of newly formed committee and affiliations, 1988; meeting agenda, November 15, 1988; report of the IUD Legislative Committee to the Executive Council, by Jay Mazur, chairman, March 22, 1989; Legislative Committee Report, January 5, 1990; report of IUD Committee on Legislation, by Jay Mazur, chairman, May 21, 1990; opening remarks and agenda, legislation committee, by Jay Mazur, chairman, September 6, 1990; agenda a meting and remarks by Mazur, August 30, 1991; minutes of first conference, September 15-17, 1991; Roper Report public opinion survey, April 15, 1991, with cover letter from AFL-CIO president Lane Kirkland; summary of legislative activity re NAFTA and other issues, May 6, 1991, with attached brochures by the Religious Committee on Workplace Fairness, "Restoring the Balance: Toward Justice for Working People," and by the Economic Policy Institute, "Employee Rights in a Changing Economy; outline of activities re "Don't Fire Strikers" campaign; power structure analysis of Ravenswood Aluminum Corp. (RAC), West Va., May 7, 1991; memo to Mazur from ILGWU legislative director Evy Dubrow re Citizens Trade Watch, with attached joint statement by over 300 groups in opposition to fast track, August 30, 1991; draft of speech, "Justice for Women Workers: Achieving the American Dream," Committee for Workplace Fairness, August 1991; legislative report on NAFTA, workplace fairness, other issues, November 10, 1993; printed publications re legislative priorities, trade crisis, toxic crisis, 1985