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AFL-CIO-Industrial Union Department (IUD)
See also AFL-CIO Executive Council 7/91 IUD Guide to the 101st Congress United States House of Representatives, listing members, their district, and their party affiliation; Senate and House worksheets as of February 25/26, 1991, listing members, party affiliation; letter to Mazur from Elmer Chatak re Chatak's bid for presidency of IUD, with attached resume, September 24, 1992; IUD Legislative Report; memo to Mazur re 103rd Congress legislative agenda, November 4, 1992; agenda for IUD Committee on Organizing & Labor Law, December 9, 1992; IUD Executive Council Resolution on protecting retiree pension and health benefits, September 13, 1991; resolution on the Workplace Fairness Bill, September 13, 1991; reports, "Justice for Women Workers: Achieving the American Dream," Women's Leadership Committee for Workplace Fairness, September 1991; "Recruitment: Two International Experiences," TUC Seminar; "Strikers' Rights Project," Economic Policy Institute; 1991 Labor Day Statement by Howard Samuel, president of the IUD