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AFL-CIO-Immigration Committee
Memo to Mazur from ILGWU officer Muzaffar Chishti re creation of AFL-CIO Committee on Immigration, focus on employer sanctions, August 30, 1993; memo to Mazur from Chishti recommending that he express opposition to employer sanctions, with talking points to immigration committee chair Bill Wynn, September 17; 1993; memo to Mazur from Chishti re talking points for meeting with NY Governor Mario Cuomo re immigration, with attached article by Cuomo from USA Today, July 27, 1993; Mazur Remarks to AFL-CIO Convention, 1993, re repel of employer sanctions; letter from AFL-CIO Department of Economic Research to INS, commenting on proposed rule, noting support for employer sanctions, June 23, 1993; Statement by Ralph F. Jimenez, president, Labor Council for Latin American Advancement to AFL-CIO Executive Council Committee on Immigration, urging repeal of employer sanctions, September 21, 1993; APALA (Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, AFL-CIO) Resolution from August 1993 convention, "Fair Immigration Policy"; Report of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, February 1992: "Civil Rights Issues Facing Asian Americans in the 1990s: Discrimination Caused by the Immigration and Reform and Control Act"; article by Mazur in Washington Post re Clinton's support for NAFTA, "Not Yet Lemonade," August 24, 1993; article in New York Times, "Study Sees Illegal Aliens in New Light," September 2, 1993, with cover letters from Mazur to AFL-CIO immigration committee chair Bill Wynn, and from Wynn to rest of committee; article re California, "A Welcome for Immigrants Turns to Resentment," New York Times, August 25, 1993; other newspaper clippings, many with cover memos to Mazur