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Collection Scope and Content Note

Collection contains records of case no. 111-6230-D-14-1, et al. United Steelworkers vs. "Big Steel" (1944) ; office case files (1941-1945) of Region II of the War Labor Board located in New York City.

Also included is a transcript entitled "In the Matter of the Operators Negotiating Committee, Appalachian Joint Conference. Southern Appalachian Joint Wage Conference and the United Mine Workers of America," 1943.

Case files include the secondary file for dispute cases of the Second Regional War Labor Board. The file is incomplete as the Board disposed of 2,248 dispute cases, but over 500 cases are represented in this collection. The cases are arranged alphabetically by the name of the company involved in the dispute. The War Labor Board case number is given also. Each case number has a suffix which indicates the procedure used before the case was submitted to the Board. The meanings of the various letter combinations are as follows:

C, CS-D, D - Cases bearing these symbols were usually heard by a tripartite disputes panel. The Board acted on the report of the panel.

HO - A case bearing this designation is one which was heard hy a Hearing Officer.

AR - This is a case in which the Board acted on the basis of an arbitrator's award.

A - This case is one in which an agreement between the parties required approval by the War Labor Board. No dispute is involved.

JB - Cases with this designation are those iniwhich the Board acted on the basis of joint briefs submitted by the parties.

For information concerning the cases, the user is referred to the following materials in the reference section of the school library. Bureau of National Affairs. War Labor Reports. Washington: The Bureau, 1942- 1946. 28 vols. Bureau of National Affairs. Key to War labor Reports. Washington: The Bureau, 1946. The user may take the name of a company on the accompanying list and then locate this name in the "Cumulative Table of Cases" in the Key to War labor Reports. This table will indicate the volume and pages of War Labor Reports which contain data on the case in question. War Labor Reports contains the decision of the NWLB for this case in full text. Included for each case are the Board's directive order, the opinion of the Board and dissenting or separate concurring opinions when such exist, and the report and recommendations of the panel, arbitrator, hearing officer, as the case may be. The Key to War Labor Reports also indexes NWLB cases "oy subject or Issue and by industry. A list of cases has been placed at the beginning of Section I.

Correspondence files consist of the correspondence of the Second Regional War Labor Board for the year 1945 At the time of this writing this section is incomplete. The correspondence is filed alphabetically and that portion from "O" to "Z" is missing.

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