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Series I. United Nations, 1946-1955 [series]:
Crane held various appointments as housing consultant for the U.N. Department of Social Affairs, Housing and Planning Section, and for the U.N. Technical Assistance Administration. H.H.F.A. granted him leave for this work. Nov. 13, 1950-Jan. 26, 1951, he was chairman of the U.N. Mission to S.E. Asia on tropical housing. 1951 he prepared his report "Study on Methods of Preparing Programs of National Governments for Housing and Community Development," stressing methodology. He was seminar advisor for the U.N. Regional Seminar on Housing and Community Development, Jan. 21, 1953-Feb. 17, 1953, in New Delhi and produced the paper "Experience of National Government in Preparing Programmes for Housing and Community Development." In 1955 Crane did a study on demographic information needed for planning housing program in Economic Commisssion for Asia and Far East region to be used at Rio De Janeiro Seminar. This was under the joint auspices of U.N. Technical Assistance Divison and International Social Science Council.

United Nations - Correspondence and accounts, 1946-1954
Correspondence of Ernest Wiessman, U.N. Department of Social Affairs-Housing and Planning Section, U.N. Technical Assistance Administration

United Nations - Correspondence and reports, 1951-1953
Correspondence with Roy J. Boroughs, Ernest Weissman, Einer Engberg, United Nations. Deaprtment of Social Affairs. Housing and Planning Section, U.S. Housing and Home Finance Agency, International Housing Activities

United Nations - Correspondence and report, 1953-1954
Correspondence with Eleanor Hinder, United Nations. Technical Assistance Administration

United Nations - Correspondence and report, 1955
Correspondence with Donald Young, John Durand, Anatole Solow, United Nations. Bureau of Social Affairs-Director in charge of population, International Social Science Council, Organization of American States. Division of Housing and Town Planning