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Incoming correspondence, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, and materials related to the campaign from Republican National Committeemen, state and U.S. Senators, various groups supporting Barry Goldwater, and from college students, housewives, businessmen expressing their affection and support for Mr. Goldwater and the conservative cause.
Incoming correspondence including enclosures of newspaper articles, pamphlets, leaflets (mostly conservative), poetry and periodicals relating to the 1964 election, Republican and conservative principles, and the Birch-Bliss controversy. Among the more important correspondents are: local, county, and state Republican Party representatives; [N.Y.] Metropolitan Anti-Communist Committee; Southern State Industrial Council; Billy R. Watkins (Director, Veteran Activities, Republican National Committee) letter explaining reason for resignation. Numerous Birch Society and other conservative literature included in correspondence and enclosures.
Incoming correspondence including the types of enclosures to be found in Reel 2. Primarily expressions of regret at Mr. Goldwater's defeat.
Largely incoming letters concerning Goldwater's defeat, the Republican Party, Senator Thomas Dodd's Gun Control Bill #1592, civil rights, conservative politics, etc.
Incoming correspondence with enclosures concerning the movement of Goldwater voters toward a conservative third party in view of what these voters see as the "metooism" of the Republican Party led by Bliss. Medicare is also mentioned.
Correspondence re: Mr. Goldwater's back operation, Bliss' leadership of the Republican National Committee, and Mr. Goldwater's statement denouncing Robert Welsh and calling for conservatives to support the regular Republican Party.
Incoming correspondence largely related to the John Birch Society.