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Series I. Correspondence [series]:
Letters to George and John C. Bancroft (the letter to George appears to be from John, but the last page is missing) of May 11 and 12, 1881, concerning the will of Abisha Larned of Oxford, Mass., a copy of the will, and other relevant information; a letter from Peter Cantine (location?) to Charles F. Mulks (Ithaca), Jan. 15, 1895, re: Cantine's family genealogy, which Mulks had apparently requested, and in turn requesting information from Mulks in order to "prove" the will of a Samuel W. Ransom; two letters to Wilder D. Bancroft from Mark A. DeWolfe Howe (July 15 and Dec. 14, 1904); fifteen letters (Nov. 20-23, 1906) from various British scientists to Sir William Ramsay, regarding Wilder Bancroft's suggestion that the Journal of Physical Chemistry be published in England; letters to Hester Bancroft in Europe (ca. 1926), including a letter from Morris Bishop (Feb. 18, 1926); and other letters to Hester and Romeyn Berry, pertaining to Hester Berry's sculptures, the launching of the U.S.S. Bancroft, publication of Romeyn's work by Putnam's, and other topics. Also a printed Christmas card from Sir Wilfred and Lady Grenfell (n.d.) and a Christmas card from a drawing by Hester Berry (May 11, 1881-Mar. 31, 1953, 38 pcs.).

Correspondence, mostly to Hester Bancroft Berry and her brothers, sisters, and other relatives, regarding the disposition of the Wilder Bancroft and other family estates, the John Chandler Bancroft art collection, and other related items (Sept. 12, 1952-May 27, 1954 and n.d., 31 pcs.).

Family letters to and from Romeyn Berry as Cornell student
Condolence letters
Letter and trust document to Miss Berry