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Series VIII. Research [series]:
Records from the predecessor organization, Right to Privacy Foundation, and HRC's nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) units devoted to research and analysis:  the Human Rights and Health Fund, The Triangle Institute (TTI), and the HRC Foundation.

  39, 54-55, 127  
Right to Privacy Foundation (RPF), 1981-1989 [subseries]:
Records of the Right to Privacy Foundation, founded by Steve Endean, which researched anti-discrimination in employment, the federal Gay Civil Rights Bill, and HIV/AIDS discrimination. Consists mostly of administrative records. Also includes files on civil rights and direct marketing materials showing efforts at raising money to support their HIV and AIDS related lobbying work.

  40, 78  
Human Rights and Health Fund (HRHF) Inherited Files, 1977-1985 [subseries]:
Past polls and correspondence collected and used by the Human Rights and Health Fund and its successors.

Human Rights and Health Fund (HRHF), 1986-February 1988 [subseries]:
Created in 1986, the Human Rights and Health Fund and its successors, the Triangle Institute and then the HRC Foundation, have been nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organizations that support the work of HRC through research, educational efforts, and outreach.

Included under the Human Rights and Health Fund are administrative files and issue files on gay politics, key races, polling data, minority AIDS outreach, and MEDPAC clippings. Some project files were passed along to The Triangle Institute and are merged with those files.

  40, 57-59, 78  
HRHF Administration [subseries]:
The administrative files include R. Brady's chronological correspondence files, budgets and financial reports, articles of incorporation and bylaws, the application for 501(c) 3 status, and notes from Board of Directors meetings.

HRHF Issues

  39, 40, 59  
The Triangle Institute (TTI), Mar. 1988-1995 [subseries]:
In March 1988, HRHF changed its name to The Triangle Institute (TTI) and was active under this name until 1995. Its programs included the Electoral Research Project (ERP), the MEDPAC project focused on disseminating reliable information related to the AIDS crisis, and after 1993, the National Coming Out Day Project (NCOD). Documented here are TTI's fund raising through grant applications and direct marketing and HRHF/TTI Board meeting packets and some of its project files. The files on the Electoral Research Project and on AIDS projects include earlier work done by HRHF. The current documentation is limited to activities from 1986 to 1988.

NCOD files are in a separate subseries. Other important TTI documents can be found in the Education Department's 20th Year History Project files (series VII).

HRC Foundation [subseries]:
In 1995, TTI became the Human Rights Campaign Foundation. Programs funded in part or in full through the Human Rights Campaign Foundation include: the Historically Black Colleges and Universities Outreach Program, Family Project, Workplace Project, National Coming Out Project, Religion and Faith Program, and the HRC Research Institute.

Workplace and WorkNet project files and some National Coming Out Day files are found under the Communication and Education series. Foundation bylaws and two folders with articles about HRC Foundation events and staff can be found in the Education Department's 20th Year History Project files (series VII). No additional records from the HRC Foundation have been transferred to the archives yet.

AIDS Research, 1981-1998 [subseries]:
The collected files related to AIDS research generated and collected by HRC's 501c units, including administrative files and correspondence about the AIDS Federal Policy Act and other issues documenting the work of this unit, MEDPAC packets (press clippings related to HIV and AIDS issues), reports issued by other agencies, subject files, and files related to the publication Guide to Public Health: Principles to Protect HIV-related Confidentiality and Prevent Discrimination, Washington, DC: Association of State and Territorial Health Officers, 1988. Files on AIDS are also found throughout the collection.

Administration [subseries]:
MEDPAC [subseries]:
Reports [subseries]:
Subject Files [subseries]:
Guide to Public Health Practice: Principles to Protect HIV-Related Confidentiality and Prevent Discrimination

National Coming Out Day (NCOD) Files, 1987- [subseries]:
This subseries contains the inherited files of the original organization that started National Coming Out day in 1987 and the files after 1993, when the Human Rights Campaign Fund took it over. The NCOD merger documents can be found in the Education Department's 20th Year History Project files (series VII).

Inherited files, NCOD organization, 1988-1993 [subseries]:
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Subject Files
  51-52, 62  
Media Coverage
HRC's NCOD project, 1993-1999 [subseries]:
  52, 65-69  
Subject Files
  39, 53  
Media Coverage

  78, 79  
Lois Reckitt, Board Member, Files [subseries]:
Reckitt was a Board member of both the Human Rights and Health Fund and TTI. Her files include documents about organizational name changes and mission statements. All Board files are currently restricted.

Studies [subseries]: