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Series I. English Documents [series]:
Document 1: John Bradstaugh, 1598

Legal document
Document 2: 1598

Indenture, 1630
Document 3: between Paull Greenwood of Hundersfield and Zachary Fielden, February 13, 1630

Indenture, 1633
Document 4: between Paule Wydoppe of Sangfield and John Greenwood and Richard Thomas, November 16, 1633

Will, 1637
Document 5: last will and testament of Richard Horsfall

Court document, 1637
Document 6 re will: lands, pastures, appurtenances between John Horsfall and John Waite, Henry Horsfall and Isabell his wife and Robert Greenwood and Mary his wife and Robert Partinson and Elizabeth his wife,

Notice of Marriage, 1666
Document 7: William Fielden of Hundersfield and Judeth Greenwood, January 19, 1666

Indenture, 1668
Document 8: between Robert Heywood of Heywood and sisters and brothers of John Lafland and Richard Armitage of Leeds and Raphe Lamer of Hundersfield, November 10, 1668

Indenture, 1668
Document 9: between Robert Hoywood and Richard Armitage, November 10, 1668

Indenture, 1690
Document 10: between Elizabeth Radcliffe of Great Moarley and Ambrose Greenwood of Hollingworth

Indenture, 1691
Document 11: between Ralph Hill of Hollisworth and Ambrose Greenwood of Hollisworth, June 18, 1691

Deed or Indenture, 1698
Document 12: between Ambrose Greenwood of Walsden and Benjamin Stock of Hundersfield

Indenture, 1698
Document 13: between Benjamin Stock of Hundersfield and Ambrose Greenwood of Walsden, March 14, 1698

Indenture, 1699
Document 14: between Philipp Storke of Tathdale and Ambrose Greenwood of Hundersfield, May 9, 1699

Document, 1699
Document 15: re debt paid: between Benjamin Stock and Ambrose Greenwood of Hollingworth within Wallsden, May 11, 1699

Will, 1716
Document 16: Ambrose Greenwood of Hollingworth, June 20, 1716

Legal Document, n.d.
Document 17: statement of payment of debts: Ambrose Greenwood of Walsden signed by Robert Sutcliffe

Legal Document, 1726
Document 18: statement of payment of debts: Ambrose Greenwood of Walsden signed by Thomas Fielden

Will, 1749
Document 19: Nathan Kirshaw, November 13, 1749

Indenture, 1744
Document 20: between John Greenwood of Sangfield and William Greenwood of Sangfield and Ambrose Greenwood of Sangfield re discharge of sum of five shillings

Accounting, 1782
Document 21: James Jackson accounting statement to Ambrose Greenwood, January 3, 1782

Opinion, 1785
Document 22: Robert Parker re Wm. Greenwood's will, Ap. 22 '85

Indenture in Three Parts, 1788-1789
Document 23: between Ambrose and John Greenwood of Sangfield andThomas Butterworth of Ssenshaw within Walsoon and John Hoff of Brick Oven within Stansfield, August 26, 1788; concerning loans and rents, final date, February 19, 17989

Indenture, 1792
Document 24: between John Greenwood of Sangfield, Ambrose Greenwood of Sangfield and Thomas Firth of Stones, June 17, 1791

Indenture, 1793
Document 25: between John Greenwood of Sangfield and Elihu Dickinson of Sighflatts, July 30, 1793

Agreement, 1810
Document 26: between Joseph Wright of Sheffield and Benjamin Wilson of Manchester, John Bramley of Halifax, and James Hoyle of Hollins Mill, for sum of 1664 pounds

Agreement, 1823
Document 27: between William Wright of Sheffield and Samuel Greenwood of Stores, January 29, 1823

Case, 1834
Document 28: William Greenwood estate re Ambrose Greenwood and trustees, March 29, 1834

Further Case, 1834
Document 29: "The copy case herewith sent was prepared by the Solrs of the vendor for Mr. Cootes's opinion." re estate of Wm. Greenwood and disposition to Ambrose Greenwood, August 27, 1834

Legal document, *
Document 30: [Hollingworth]

Indenture, *
Document 31: [Hollingworth]

Indenture, *
Document 32: [Hollingworth]

Legal document, *
Document 33: [Hollingworth]

Lease, 1752
Document 34: John Van Rensselaer to Thomas Van Alstyne, Albany County, September 16, 1752

Deed, 1782
Document 35: Phineas Gilbert and wife to James Gould, Newport, Rhode Island. Recorded June 16, 1783

Document, 184?
Document 36: Philip Schuyler, Albany - William Van Alstyne, Hudson, Signed January 17, 1792 and recorded at Hudson, New York, 184? (on vellum)

Indenture, 1829
Document 37: (counterpart of lease), Benjamin Marshall of Hudson to Roderick R. Hunt, Hudson, Columbia County, New York. August 3, 1829

Indenture, 1834
Document 38: Jeremiah Van Rensselaer et al to Joseph Marshall of Stockport, Columbia County, New York, November 24, 1834

Certificate, 1869
Document 39: April 5, 1869, suspends James De Long and appoints William A. Gould as Consul of the United States of America at Aux Cayes, Haiti, recorded October 22, 1869

Certificate, 1870
Document 40: recognition of appointment by government of Haiti, April 5, 1870

Chart, post 1888
Document 41: genealogical chart

Indenture, 1598
Document 42: Charles Radclyff of London, County of Lancaster, and Henry Radclyff, heirs and assigns and Richard sale of house and land called Hollingsworth . . ., 1554

Land transaction, 1687
Document 43: Samuel Dyre of Boston ? sum of two hundred pounds "New England money" for delivery ? Charles Dyre of Rhode Island, a certain parcel of land in Newport, signed by S. D., 10/5/1687 and Ann Vernon, mother of S. D., 10/28/1687