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III. Research materials, 1906-1943. [series]:
The research materials of the American Association for Labor Legislation consist of interviews, working drafts, rough notes, reports, speeches and addresses, conference notes, outlines, typewritten essays and draft legislation produced or accumulated by the Association's members and staff to aid the Association in implementing its legislative programs.

A. General labor laws, pensions, and old age benefits, 1909-1943. [subseries]:
Consist of reports, bulletins, and other materials concerning general labor legislation (1909-1943) and pensions and old age benefits (1910-1940).

Materials on general labor laws consist of materials on regulation of labor and management for the protection of workers. Include reports on labor legislation and annual bulletins on United States labor legislation; also special bulletins concerning such subjects as wartime labor laws; international labor problems; labor and the League of Nations; the United States and the International Labour Office; and employee participation in management.

Materials on pension and old age benefits include data on the organization of old age assistance programs in various states; explanations and drafts of bills; reports justifying pensions and old age benefits; comparisons of proposed bills; cost estimates for pension systems; case histories; comparisons of state programs; and criticisms of the Social Security Act.

B. General social insurance, 1909-1937. [subseries]:
Consist of materials dealing with the need for social insurance study commissions and for public relief in various states, especially California, Pennsylvania, and New York. Also included are bibliographies on social insurance; notes on the Social Security Board; and reports of the American Association for Labor Legislation Committee on Social Insurance.

C. Health insurance, 1911-1940. [subseries]:
Includes annotated drafts of standard bills, and research data on German, British and other foreign health insurance programs; on private insurance programs; on the relation of life insurance to health insurance; on government vs. participant control of health insurance; on occupational health; on employee contributions; and on maternity insurance.

D. Occupational safety, occupational diseases and occupational accidents, 1909-1942. [subseries]:
Include documentation of the Association's efforts to standardize accident reporting forms; research materials on occupational accidents and occupational diseases; data on case studies dealing with phosphorus poisoning, lead poisoning, anthrax, and silicosis; data on occupational safety regulations, especially coal mine regulations; other occupational safety issues, including data on physical examinations of workers; the Association's survey of state mine inspection bureaus (1937), and drafts of a federal mine inspection bill.

E. Labor law administration, 1912-1940. [subseries]:
Include documentation on the organization of state departments of labor and industrial commissions; hearings, reports, and data on the administration of workers' compensation; on the civil service code formulation; on the growth of American labor law administration; and on international labor law administration; also American Association for Labor Legislation factory inspection studies (1928-1940) in California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Wisconsin.

F. Workers' compensation, 1906-1942. [subseries]:
Include reports, resolutions, and evidence on workers' compensation for public employees; on determination of workers' compensation eligibility requirements; on foreign legislation; on employer liability; on negligence requirements; on insurance compensation; on state and federal laws; on private workmen's compensation insurance vs. public workmen's compensation insurance; on taxes vs. employee or employer contributions as methods of funding; on the Federal Seamen's Compensation Bill and Federal Seamen's Insurance Fund; on vocational rehabilitation; on employment of the handicapped; on the seven-day waiting period; on the constitutionality of state funding; on permanent partial disability compensation; on comparisons of various bills; on longshoremen's compensation; on the Wagner Act; on administration of workers' compensation; and on various relevant court cases.

G. Wages, hours, working conditions, and unemployment, 1909-1942. [subseries]:
Include notes, reports and research materials concerning wages, hours, working conditions, unemployment, and legislation on these matters. Include reports, notes and resolutions on child labor laws; on the six-day workweek; on occupational safety; on minimum wages; on working conditions in various industries; on the eight-hour day; on foreign legislation; on emergency overtime; on contract labor; on night work; on maternity insurance; on wartime labor disputes; on mine safety; on the creation of the Children's Bureau of the Department of Labor; on tipping; and on safety inspection. Also included are drafts of bills on hours for working women; on minimum wages; on accident prevention; on the six-day workweek; and on child labor.

Unemployment materials include drafts of bills for creation of a United States Bureau of Unemployment, unemployment insurance bills, and bills on public works planning; reports on management of unemployment reserves, on the 1931 hearings on unemployment insurance in New York State, on unemployment insurance in foreign countries, and on the United Kingdom's approach to immigration and unemployment; reports and bills on federal aid to state employment agencies; a statistical report on crime and unemployment; and comparisons of the work of emergency relief organizations in various cities.

Also included are proposals by the American Association for Labor Legislation and the Socialist Party for the creation of public employment agencies; proposals for the licensing and regulation of private employment agencies; studies of public works; analysis of the effectiveness of private agencies; findings of the President's Conference on Unemployment (1921); fiscal statements of the National Employment Exchange; court cases regarding employment agency practices; lists of unions endorsing unemployment insurance; background studies and statistics on unemployment and the jurisdiction of public and private agencies dealing with unemployment; an annotated bibliography of background readings on unemployment insurance; and analyses of benefits for migrant workers.

H. Miscellaneous, 1915-1940. [subseries]:
Include reports on workers' funds, licensing of laboratory technicians, labor and national defense, emigration and immigration, and civil service investigations; bibliographies on general social legislation and on automobile insurance; drafts and revisions of bills on regulation of interstate and international trade, creation of the Tariff Commission, and taxation of the iron and steel industry.

I. Unionism, 1906-1940. [subseries]:
Include reports and resolutions on the organization of unions for women workers; on state strike laws; on compulsory arbitration; on worker participation in management; on personnel management; on the use of injunctions; on the right of workers to organize; on strike prevention boards; on collective bargaining; and on the use of the union label.