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Artwork Cataloged Under Collection 8200 [series]:
This is the general collection for the Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art. To request an item from this collection please search the catalog for that item.

Muntadas : media, architecture, installations (Archives 8200 CD-136)
Artist: Muntadas

Book of shadows (Archives 8200 CD-137)
Artist: Biggs, Simon

Great Wall of China (Archives 8200 CD-138)
Artist: Biggs, Simon

Moments de Jean-Jacques Rousseau confessions et rêveries (Archives 8200 CD-139)
Artist: Boissier, Jean-Louis

Cyberflesh girlmonster (Archives 8200 CD-140)
In my gash (Archives 8200 CD-141)
Artist: Dement, Linda

Shock in the ear (Archives 8200 CD-142)
Artist: Neumark, Norie

Metabody phase 1 (Archives 8200 CD-143)
Bits of paper books in digital form (Archives 8200 CD-144)
Artist: Holleley, Douglas

Re-reading the book a photographic analysis of Albrecht Durer's Hieren sind begriffen vier Bucher von menschlicher Proportion (Archives 8200 CD-145)
Artist: Holleley, Douglas

Mauve desert a fiction in translation for CD-ROM (Archives 8200 CD-146)
World wide web/million man march (Archives 8200 CD-147)
Artist: Woolery, Reginald

World wide web/million man march (Archives 8200 CD-148)
Artist: Woolery, Reginald

Immemory a CD-ROM (Archives 8200 CD-150)
Artist: Marker, Chris

Marie-Jo Lafontaine installations videos, 1979-1999 (Archives 8200 CD-151)
Artist: Lafontaine, Marie-Jo

Beyond (Archives 8200 CD-152)
Artist: Beloff, Zoe

Where where there there where (Archives 8200 CD-153)
Artist: Beloff, Zoe

Interactive portfolio (Archives 8200 CD-154)
Artist: Zellen, Jody

Anecdoted archive from the cold war : according to the floor plans of the former Hungarian Worker's Movement (Propoganda) Museum (Archives 8200 CD-155)
Artist: Legrady, George

She loves it, she loves it not women and technology (Archives 8200 CD-156)
Artist: Tamblyn, Christine

Mistaken identities (Archives 8200 CD-157)
Artist: Tamblyn, Christine

Borderland (Archives 8200 CD-158)
Nazi-loop (Archives 8200 CD-159)
Artist: Breder, Hans

Liquidation photoroman aleatoire (Archives 8200 CD-160)
Artist: Lefebvre, Michel

Am I a natural history museum? (Archives 8200 CD-161)
Artist: Kelly, Kevin Barry

Encoded eye, the archive and its engine house David Tomas, 1998-2000 (Archives 8200 CD-162)
Fantastic prayers (Archives 8200 CD-163)
Divine Comedy digital (Archives 8200 CD-164)
Artist: Karkkainen, Aarre

Virtual metropolis (Archives 8200 CD-165)
Kiyoshi Furukawa. Masaki Fujihata. Wolfgang Munch small fish (Archives 8200 CD-166)
Artist: Furukawa, Kiyoshi, Masaki Fujihata, Wolfgang Münch

Tamas Waliczky focusing (Archives 8200 CD-167)
Artist: Waliczky, Tamas

Montreal telegraphe le son iconographe (Archives 8200 CD-168)
Little movies prolegomena for digital cinema (Archives 8200 CD-170)
Artist: Manovich, Lev

Soft cinema ambient narrative (Archives 8200 CD-170)
Artist: Manovich, Lev

Poesias animadas de ayer y hoy (Archives 8200 CD-171)
Artist: Ardevol, Alvaro

Web DQ Don Quijote en Barcelona (Archives 8200 CD-172)
Artist: Casanova, Cristina

Virtualidade sabia (Sabia virtuality) (Archives 8200 CD-173)
Artist: Pinto, Regina Celia

Bibliotheca das maravilhas (Library of marvels) (Archives 8200 CD-174)
Artist: Pinto, Regina Celia

Espoo-Alexanderplatz (Archives 8200 CD-175)
Artist: Karkkainen, Aarre

Ocular convergence (Archives 8200 CD-176)
Artist: Goldfarb, Brian

Electric leak the north of it (Archives 8200 CD-177)
Artist: Office for Contemporary Art Norway

Esoth eric off-line/on-line project (Archives 8200 CD-178)
Artist: Man, Calin

Advent (Archives 8200 CD-179)
Artist: Gillman, Clive

Home project (Archives 8200 CD-180)
Artist: Barbier, Annette

As de bastos, tijeras en cruz (Archives 8200 CD-181)
Artist: Alvarez, Julian

Mixed greens a do-it-yourself-movie about identity, belonging, and what we desire (Archives 8200 CD-182)
Artist: Citron, Michelle

Web XXX manual of leisure and licentiousness (Archives 8200 CD-184)
Artist: Casanova, Cristina

Cocktails & appetizers (Archives 8200 CD-185)
Artist: Citron, Michelle

As American as apple pie food, sex, family (Archives 8200 CD-186)
Artist: Citron, Michelle

Vamos a contar mentiras (Let's tell lies) (Archives 8200 CD-187)
Artist: Casanova, Cristina.

Night in the chapel (Archives 8200 CD-188)
Artist: FMOL Trio.

Live at Metronom (Archives 8200 CD-189)
Artist: FMOL Trio.

Koln concert (Archives 8200 CD-190)
Artist: FMOL Trio.

Lago mar algo barco chuva uma experiência em net.poesia (Archives 8200 CD-191)
Artist: Antonio, Jorge Luiz.

Beyond Manzanar (Archives 8200 CD-192)
Artist: Thiel, Tamiko.

Life after wartime (Archives 8200 CD-193)
Artist: Gibson, Ross

Solo cauce (Archives 8200 CD-194)
Artist: Baranda, Maria.

Courier a digital video (Archives 8200 CD-195)
Artist: Tashiro, C. S. (Charles Shiro)

Little movies (Archives 8200 CD-196)
Artist: Tashiro, C. S. (Charles Shiro)

Work of art (Archives 8200 CD-197)
Donald Rodney autoicon v1.0 (Archives 8200 CD-198)
Artist: Rodney, Donald, 1961-1998.

Chinese whisper 3 an interactive performance at studio Eickholt, New York, August 28, 2002 (Archives 8200 CD-199)
Artist: Lanfermeijer, Ruud.

No accommodation the remix (Archives 8200 CD-200)
Artist: DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid.

LTK live (Archives 8200 CD-201)
Artist: LTK Commune (Musical group)

Waiting for Julius a digital video (Archives 8200 CD-202)
Artist: Tashiro, C. S. (Charles Shiro)

Caprice a digital video (Archives 8200 CD-203)
Artist: Tashiro, C. S. (Charles Shiro)

Prix Ars Electronica 92 (Archives 8200 CD-2033)
CyberArts 2002 digital musics (Archives 8200 CD-2034)
Cyber arts 2000 Prix ars electronica : digital musics (Archives 8200 CD-2035)
Key (Archives 8200 CD-2036)
Artist: Monk, Meredith.

Prix 89 (Archives 8200 CD-2037)
Artist: Ars Electronica.

Anthology of noise & electronic music (Archives 8200 CD-2038)
Anthology of noise & electronic music (Archives 8200 CD-2039)
Literature nation + many others (Archives 8200 CD-204)
Artist: And, Miekal.

Anthology of noise & electronic music (Archives 8200 CD-2040)
Babylon Ministry of Misinformation (Archives 8200 CD-205)
Artist: And, Miekal.

Realpolitik project (Archives 8200 CD-206)
Artist: Calovski, Yane.

Eleven angles (Archives 8200 CD-207)
Artist: Colorform (Musician).

Groupe Molior (Archives 8200 CD-208)
Artist: Groupe Molior (Group of artists)

Quack-project (Archives 8200 CD-211)
Artist: Dr. Quack.

Rosalind Brodsky and the satellites of Lvov (Archives 8200 CD-212)
Artist: Treister, Suzanne

RK (Archives 8200 CD-213)
Artist: Kramer, Roger (Artist)

World Wide catalogue (Archives 8200 CD-214)
Sound art : beyond music, between categories (Archives 8200 CD-2149)
Artist: Licht, Alan.

Culture vs. the Martians (Archives 8200 CD-239)
#FFFFFF (Archives 8200 CD-240)
Artist: Jones, Art.

Archival quality (Archives 8200 CD-241)
Artist: Tamblyn, Christine.

Judd (Archives 8200 CD-2410)
Artist: Vitiello, Stephen.

Composers Inside Electronics (Archives 8200 CD-2411)
Artist: Composers Inside Electronics.

Human body an invisible ecosystem (Archives 8200 CD-242)
Artist: Tacha, Athena

Mouchette (Archives 8200 CD-243)
Raw music material : electronic music DJs today (Archives 8200 CD-254)
No other symptoms : time traveling with Rosalind Brodsky (Archives 8200 CD-255)
Artist: Treister, Suzanne

Fig trees (Archives 8200 CD-256)
Artist: Greyson, John

Retina burn (Archives 8200 CD-257)
Artist: Polli, Andrea.

Calling to mind (Archives 8200 CD-258)
Artist: Thorington, Helen.

Aural cultures (Archives 8200 CD-259)
Karā azu a konseputo : dejitaru jidai no shikisairon (Archives 8200 CD-260)
Family in Brussels (Archives 8200 CD-261)
Artist: Akerman, Chantal.

Site specific sound (Archives 8200 CD-262)
Artist: LaBelle, Brandon.

Sonic process : une nouvelle geographie des sons (Archives 8200 CD-263)
Over/time (Archives 8200 CD-264)
Artist: Bertolo, Diane.

Atmospherics/weather works (Archives 8200 CD-265)
Artist: Polli, Andrea.

Nouveau Western, a.k.a. Alula Price (Archives 8200 CD-266)
Artist: Halpern, Tal.

Fleeting traces in blank spaces : animation series (Archives 8200 CD-267)
Artist: Nudelman, Mike.

Fleeting traces in blank spaces : longer version (Archives 8200 CD-268)
Artist: Nudelman, Mike.

Improvisation technologies a tool for the analytical dance eye (Archives 8200 CD-269)
Postcard from Tunis v[ersion] 2.0. (Archives 8200 CD-270)
Artist: Pryor, Sally.

Xchange (Archives 8200 CD-271)
Artist: Pryor, Sally.

Secret hotel : Janet Cardiff + George Bures Miller (Archives 8200 CD-275)
Exposition sauvage (Archives 8200 CD-337)
Artist: Cahen, Xavier.

Dejouer l'image : creations electroniques et numeriques (Archives 8200 CD-338)
Artist: Duguet, Anne-Marie

Interagir avec les technologies numeriques (Archives 8200 CD-339)
Vida 9.0 Arte y Vida Artificial, convocatoria 2006 = 2006 call for participation (Archives 8200 CD-340)
Artist: Concurso Internacional de Arte y Vida Artificial (2006)

Just from Cynthia (Archives 8200 CD-341)
Artist: Sorbelli, Alberto.

Christof Migone--sound voice perform (Archives 8200 CD-343)
Artist: Migone, Christof.

Actualite du virtuel actualizing the virtual (Archives 8200 CD-344)
Body and the object : Ann Hamilton, 1984-1996 (Archives 8200 CD-345)
Artist: Hamilton, Ann

Women in electronic music, 1977 new music for electronic and recorded media (Archives 8200 CD-481)
7e Biennale d'art contemporain de Lyon : 18 septembre 2003-4 janvier 2004 (Archives 8200 CD-556)
Artist: Biennale d'art contemporain (Lyon, France) (7th : 2003)

Sally, or, The bubble burst (Archives 8200 DVD-100)
Artist: Dove, Toni

No cum shot (Archives 8200 DVD-101)
Artist: Scher, Julia.

Humans (Archives 8200 DVD-1012)
Artist: Daniels, David

By design ambient works by three of the world's legendary creatives set to music (Archives 8200 DVD-1013)
No, I never lipsync'd (Archives 8200 DVD-102)
Artist: Scher, Julia.

Carrizo quartet seismic memory along the San Andreas fault (Archives 8200 DVD-103)
Artist: McPhee, Christina.

Advanced beauty (Archives 8200 DVD-1035)
Coco Fusco I like girls in uniform (Archives 8200 DVD-1036)
Onedotzero_select DVD⁵ adventures in moving image (Archives 8200 DVD-1037)
Onedotzero select DVD⁴ [short films] (Archives 8200 DVD-1038)
Beautiful world (Archives 8200 DVD-1039)
Carrizo-Parkfield diaries a project (Archives 8200 DVD-104)
Artist: McPhee, Christina.

Willie Doherty (Archives 8200 DVD-1040)
Claire Barclay, openwide : exhibition 7 February-12 April 2009 (Archives 8200 DVD-1041)
CyberArts 2006 international compendium Prix Ars Electronica 2006 (Archives 8200 DVD-1042)
Vida 9.0 Arte y Vida Artificial (Archives 8200 DVD-1043)
Artist: Concurso Internacional de Arte y Vida Artificial (2006)

Sub_scapeProof a machinima (Archives 8200 DVD-105)
Artist: Waterson, Sarah.

Bystander documentation April 2006 (Archives 8200 DVD-106)
Artist: Richards, Kate.

River of many sides excerpts from the performance, Chicago 2004 (Archives 8200 DVD-108)
Artist: Barbier, Annette.

Annette Barbier (Archives 8200 DVD-109)
Artist: Barbier, Annette.

When it hit me multimedia design graduand exhibition, 2004 (Archives 8200 DVD-110)
Artist: Monash University. Faculty of Art & Design.

Bits of memory (Archives 8200 DVD-112)
Artist: Quintanilla, Grace.

Naci mujer = Born a woman whatever that means (Archives 8200 DVD-113)
Artist: Quintanilla, Grace.

Guantanamo! liberty and justice for all (Archives 8200 DVD-114)
Guantanamo now! liberty and justice for all : work-in-progress, Spring, 2005, Cornell University (Archives 8200 DVD-114a)
One day in 1999 an epic of ordinary life (Archives 8200 DVD-115)
Artist: Tashiro, C. S. (Charles Shiro)

Etc., etc., etc. a digital video (Archives 8200 DVD-116)
Artist: Tashiro, C. S. (Charles Shiro)

4X selected digital short subjects (Archives 8200 DVD-117)
Artist: Tashiro, C. S. (Charles Shiro)

Day of the act (Archives 8200 DVD-118)
Artist: Tashiro, C. S. (Charles Shiro)

Naked bastard (Archives 8200 DVD-119)
Artist: Tashiro, C. S. (Charles Shiro)

Around and about : a performative view (Archives 8200 DVD-1194)
Somewhere, everywhere, nowhere (Archives 8200 DVD-1451)
Reline a video artist DVD compilation (Archives 8200 DVD-152)
Latent figure protocol (Archives 8200 DVD-153)
Artist: Vanouse, Paul.

PED. Chongqing, 2006 (Archives 8200 DVD-154)
Artist: Vanouse, Paul.

Exchange program (Archives 8200 DVD-155)
Artist: Mandiberg, Michael.

Queensbridge wind power (Archives 8200 DVD-156)
Memoires of a cyborg complete video set, selected images (Archives 8200 DVD-157)
Artist: McPhee, Christina.

Reynald Drouhin : frags (Archives 8200 DVD-158)
Noise driven ambient audio and visuals (Archives 8200 DVD-159)
DC 9/11 : the evildoers' remix (Archives 8200 DVD-160)
Artist: MTAA (Group of artists)

Calling to mind (Archives 8200 DVD-161)
Artist: Thorington, Helen.

Lovemad (Archives 8200 DVD-162)
Artist: Onome, Ekeh.

Title TK : notes, 1974-1992 (Archives 8200 DVD-163)
Artist: Kuntzel, Thierry

Amplitude of chance : the horizon of occurrences (Archives 8200 DVD-164)
Artist: Sato, Minoru

(Dis) locations (Archives 8200 DVD-165)
Conceiving Ada (Archives 8200 DVD-166)
Tenderly yours (Archives 8200 DVD-167)
Artist: Horvath, Peter J.

Postcard from Tunis (Archives 8200 DVD-168)
Artist: Pryor, Sally.

Notes towards the complete works of Shakespeare (Archives 8200 DVD-185)
Coded characters : media art (Archives 8200 DVD-187)
Artist: Scott, Jill

Aspect the chronicle of new media art (Archives 8200 DVD-574-575, 581-584, 760-762)
Caterina Davinio (Archives 8200 DVD-585)
Artist: Davinio, Caterina.

Deke Weaver (Archives 8200 DVD-586)
Artist: Weaver, Deke.

Vida 8.0 arte y vida artificial (Archives 8200 DVD-587)
Artist: ARCO (Art fair) (2006 : Madrid, Spain)

Mouvement des images (Archives 8200 DVD-588)
From a classical position (Archives 8200 DVD-589)
Artist: Forsythe, William.

I do not know what it is I am like (Archives 8200 DVD-590)
Macht des Wortes = I can't tell you : Xenon for Duisburg (Rare Books 8200 DVD-737)
Artist: Holzer, Jenny

Kinema ikon worx (Rare Books 8200 DVD-744)
Ag4 media facades (Archives 8200 DVD-745)
Animated painting (Archives 8200 DVD-746)
Conchita N=amour (Rare Books 8200 DVD-747)
Artist: McPhee, Christina.

Eizō sakka hyakunin = Japanese motion graphic creators 2007 (Rare Books 8200 DVD-748)
Computerfinearts collection, 1997-2007 (Archives 8200 DVD-749)
Journal of film and video (Rare Books 8200 DVD-750)
Igloo, 4 projects documentation DVD with sound (Rare Books 8200 DVD-751)
Rubicon (Rare Books 8200 DVD-752)
Reline (Rare Books 8200 DVD-753)
SubRosa selected projects, 2000-2005 : six performances and video works (Rare Books 8200 DVD-754)
Tammy Renee Brackett new work (Rare Books 8200 DVD-755)
Disturbance excerpts (Rare Books 8200 DVD-756)
Artist: Paris, Bob

Passing : (Rare Books 8200 DVD-757)
Hatsu Yume First dream (Rare Books 8200 DVD-758)
Formula (Archives 8200 DVD-98)
Artist: Ikeda, Ryoji

Mirrors & smoke an interactive performance in virtual place (Archives 8200 DVD-985)
Artist: Jones, Philip Mallory.

Complete artintact komplett CD-ROMagazin interaktiver Kunst, vols. 1-5, 1994-1999 (Archives 8200 DVD-986)
David Rokeby (Archives 8200 DVD-987)
Artist: Rokeby, David

Digital snow (Archives 8200 DVD-99)
Artist: Snow, Michael

Clearing (Archives 8200 FD1-2)
Artist: Legrady, George

Judith Barry installations (Archives 8200 V-879)
Artist: Barry, Judith

Vida 5.0 (Archives 8200 V-880)
Artist: Concurso Internacional de Arte y Vida Artificial (2002 : Madrid, Spain)