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Items never received by RMC [series]:
Project 2000 and ADSPAC Miscellany
Network Technology/History Outside of CU
Cornell Network Technologies Info
(History of Campus Backbones, standards, descriptions)

Timelines, Highlights
PC/Micro Miscellaneous (Anbinder slips)
PC Sales Miscellaneous
Tape Backups and Security
IR - Information Resources Miscellaneous
Getting Started Manuals - Network Identities, VMS and VMS Mail Bitnet, CMS
Cornell Chronicle - Computing Highlights
Miscellaneous Services
Electronic Publishing and CUPID
Comments, etc., Emails, Feedback
Web Communications at CU - Dullea
CIT Training, Workshop Announcements, Learning Technologies
Cartoons, etc
ADSPAC - Miscellaneous
Lambert on Restructuring CIT - Town Meetings and other commentary
Services Division - Miscellany (services; organization, support)
Cecilia Cowles Notes-CCS to CIT; PC support; Bear Access; achievements.
CIT Facilities Managements
CIT News Magazines
Computer Resources - CR Miscellany
Magazines, Newspapers, articles, etc Technology
Appendices - Supporting Information
Miscellaneous Memos, Rate Sheets, Staff Items, Org Charts, CLASP
Microcomputer Miscellany
Hardware and Other Statistics (Knoll & EFPM End)
Interactive Computing Reports
UCB Incidentals
An Introduction to IBM Punched Card Data Processing - Student Text
Reference Manual - IBM Functional Wiring Principles
Reference Manual - IBM Operators' Guide (card machines)
Reference Manual - IBM 59 Card Verifier (from Tom Dimock)
Cornell Comp Center Unit Record Room - Manual of Operations
Sample punched cards for the 1401 and later for HASP
Fortran System for the Control Data 1604 Computer Pub 087A
Characteristics of the Model 1604 Computer CDC Pub 018c
Characteristics of the 1607 Magnetic Tape System CDC Pub 041a
Burroughs Algebraic Compiler Reference Manual Bull. 220-21011-P
A representation of ALGOL for use with the Burroughs 220

IBM System/360 Model 20 Machine Setup Form (Card Systems) and Reference Data (programming guide)