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Wages and Hours
"Statement by William Green, President, AFL, Before Senate Committee on Banking and Currency on Anti-Inflation Legislation, January 22, 1948," 8 pages plus 4 pages of charts; "Statement Presented by [AFL representative] Before the Senate Committee on Labor and Public Welfare on the Fair Labor Standards Act, April 20, 1948," calling for improvements, i.e. higher minimum wage, broader occupational coverage, child labor coverage, 8 pages plus 9 pages of appendices; "Statement Presented by [AFL representative] Before House Committee on Education and Labor on Revision of Fair Labor Standards ACt, February 1, 1949," 8 pages plus 4; minutes of the AFL Executive Council, recommending economic measures in light of outbreak of Korean War: wage and price controls, increased taxes, rationing, August 8-11, 1950; "Statement by the Executive Council, AFL," against abolition of price controls, criticizing Congress, May 19, 1952; copy of Labor Relations Reporter special issue: "The Fair Labor Standards Act Amendments of 1966" with explanation of changes and text of act as amended by Bureau of National Affairs, Inc.; notes.