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Correspondence [series]:
December 8, 1853
To: "My Dear Sir" - Rev. H. E. Pratt

From: Leonidas Polk

September 10, 1863
To: Certificate of Non-Liability to be Given by the Board of Enrollment for John A. Kernochan to be given by the Board of Enrollment for John A. Kernochan

Re: Draft exemption

August 10, 1869
To: Rev. H. A. E. Pratt

From: Manton Marble

April 7, 1869
To: Rev, Horace Pratt, Staten Island

From: Henry G. Pierrepont

August 24, 1871
To: Rev. Pratt

From: H. Potter

September 18, 1873
To: J. B. Pratt

From: Signed by J. G. Eaton, Lieut.

Re: Permit to enter Boston Navy Yard for day

December 10, 1873
To: "My Dear Bro -"

From: John F. Nancey

January 21, 1877
To: Dr. Pratt

From: Richard Heber Newton (b. 1840-d. 1914)

November 21, 1879
To: Rev, Mr. Pratt

From: George William Curtis

November 25, 1879
To: Invitation to Commemorative Reception to be given for Rt. Rev. Horatio Potter, Bishop of New York (no addressee) (printed)

March 31, 1880
To: Rev. Horace Pratt, 137 E. 45th St.

From: Thomas Hicks

April 23, 1880
To: Invitation and menu for the 94th Anniversary of the St. George's Society of New York at Delmonico's

May 3, 1881
To: Mr. Pratt

From: G.(?) A.(?)Doane

Jan. (?) 24, 1883
To: Piece of paper with: . . ,"Richard Hoffman, Jany. (?) 24th 83, New York.

Feb. 16, 1883
To: Invitation from the Trustees of the Metropolitan Museum of Art to attend a lecture by Prof. Charles Eliot Norton (printed) (no addressee)

Sept. 24, 1883
To: Kev. Horace L. Edgar Pratt

From: Steve Massett

October 30, 1884
To: Mrs. Dallas B. Pratt

From: M. R. Huntington

June 30, 1886
To: James B. Pratt

From: Wm. W. Jones, Deputy Collector

Re: Custom House, New York, pass to Assistant Appraisers Office

January 1889
To: State Department Receipt (?)

February 12, 1889
To: J. B. Pratt

From: (illegible)

February 19, 1889
To: Mr. Pratt

From: J. Tuttle Smith

March 31, 1889
To: Leopold Schmidt

From: H. C. Potter

October 29, 1889
To: James B. Pratt

From: W. Y. Joly

November 8, 1889
To: Dallas B. Pratt

From: W. Allen Butler

May 28, 1891
To: J. Frederic Kernochan

From: James B. Pratt

May 29, 1891
To: James B. Pratt

From: W. H. Drysd(ale?)

October 2?, 1891
To: Lawrence K. Pratt

From: Richard Croker, Tammany Hall

November 5, 1891
To: "My Dear Sir"

From: Roswell P. Flower

Re: Form letter

To: Announcement of "Piano-Lecture-Concerts" of Jerome Hopkins, New York City, 1st Appearances since his European successes...

Sept. 16, 1892
To: Mr. C. W. Leng

From: C. Jerome Hopkins

February 17, 1893
To: Mrs. Pratt

From: V. Jefferson Davis

April 21, 1893
To: Rev. H. L. E. Pratt

From: Louis Fitzgerald, Treasurer, Corporation of the Church of the Epiphany, Mercantile Trust Co.

June 3, 1893
To: Dallas B. Pratt, Esq.

From: C. A. Dana, The Sun

May 3, 1894
To: Mr. Good

From: E. Walpole Warren

April 17, 1895
To: "My Dear Sir"

From: Alan S. Webb, The College of the City of New York, President's Office

March 9 (?), 1899
To: "Dear Sir"

From: E. R. McKinistry, R.M.S. "Germanic"

January 22, 1903
To: Dallas Bache Pratt

From: Geo. F. Nelson

undated letter
To: Dear Aunt Kate

From: N. (?) Taber

Oct. 5, no date
To: "My Dear Mr. Pratt"

From: J. H. Stoddart (perhaps the actor, James Henry, 1827-1907)

Re: Declines invitation

no date
To: Slip of paper; "House of Rep's, U. S. Public Document. Free. M. C." (printed). "S. S. Cox, John S. Leng, Esqr. , Iron Merchant, No 4 Fletcher St., New York City, N.Y/ (written).

no date
To: Slip of paper: "J. Hyatt Smith M. C."

no date
To: Fragment of paper, "Long" and "S S Col M. C."

no date
To: Fragment of paper, "House of Representatives U. S. Part of Cong. Record. Free. L. K. Pratt, 1017 Lex. Av., NY, R (illegible), M. C.

no date
To: Slip of paper: "Votre tout Devane: Cte de Lippe-Weisenfeld"

Correspondents [series]:
Additional information on certain correspondents and their letters or other papers

Buttler, William Allen, 1825-1902.
Lawyer, author. Letter of introduction to Dallas B. Pratt, November 8, 1889

Clinton, George, 1739-1312.
Governor of New York. Proclamation, August 20, 1784, in own handwriting, convening Assembly.

Croker, Richard, 1841-1922.
Typed letter to Lawrence K. Pratt, October 27, 1891, sending Pratt two tickets to a business men's meeting.

Curtis, George William, 1824-1892.
Journalist, lecturer, author. Letter to Rev. Horace Pratt, November 21, 1879, referring to election of 1879. "The result of the election seems to me very valuable as showing that there is independence enough to hold machines in check."

Dana, Charles Anderson, 1819-1897.
Editor, New York Sun. Letter to Dallas B. Pratt, June 3, 1893, introducing Gerrit Smith Glen, who was organizing "The National Continental League" for the political union of the United States and Canada by "honorable and peaceful means."

Davis, Varina Howell, 1826-1906.
Mrs. Jefferson Davis. Letter to Mrs. Dallas Bache Pratt asking that daughter be excused from dinner party because of illness. February 17, 1893.

Doane, George Hobart, 1830-?
Prelate of Catholic Church in later life, having left the Protestant Episcopal Church in 1855. Letter, May 3, 1881, saying he can't attend the wedding of his godson and Amy Pratt.

Flower, Roswell Pettibone, 1835-1899.
Typed letter, November 1891, thanking an unidentified person for congratulations on Flower's election as Governor.

Hopkins, Charles Jerome, 1836-?
Composer, pianist, lecturer. Printed bill, advertising lecture-concert, May 5, 1892. Letter to C.W. Leng, September 16, 1892.

Kernochan, John A
"Certificate of non-liability to be given by the board of enrollment." John A Kernochan of New York City has given "satisfactory evidence that he is not properly subject to do military duty. . ." September 10, 1863. Letter to James B. Pratt from J. Frederick Kernochan concerning estate of J.A.K., May 28, 1891.

Marble, Manton Malone, 1835-1917
A founder of the New York World . Letter, August 10, 1867, replying to Rev. H.L.E. Pratt, saying that the World would be pleased for an "occasional letter" during Pratt's projected southern trip.

Nelson, George Francis, 1842-1932.
Protestant Episcopal clergyman, Secretary to Bishop of New York (1886-1908), Canon of St. John the Divine after 1911. Letter of introduction to Dallas Bache Pratt, January 22, 1903.

Newton, Richard Heber, 1840-1914.
Protestant Episcopal clergyman, author. All Souls Church, New York City. Thank-you note, January 2, 1877, to Rev. Pratt.

Pierrepont, Henry I.
Letter, April 7, 1869, requesting Rev. Horace L. Edgar Pratt to preach one Sunday at Grace Church, Brooklyn.

Polk, Leonidas K, 1806-1364.
Bishop, Protestant Episcopal Church, Louisiana. Founder, University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee, 1860. Letter, December 8, 1853 to Rev. H.L.E Pratt concerning a Post for Pratt in the south. Discussion of salaries.

Potter, Henry Codman, 1834-1908.
Nephew of Horatio, Bishop of New York after 1887. Letter, March 31, 1839, to warden of Church of Holy Sepulchre.

Potter, Horatio,1802-1887.
Bishop of New York. Letter, August 24, 1871, to Rev. Pratt, about a forthcoming visit of Potter to the Staten Island church. Printed invitation to a reception, November 25, 1879, celebrating 25 years of Potter's Episcopate.

Smith, J. Tuttle
Letter, February 19, 1889, concerning affairs of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Warren, Edwin Walpole, 1839-1903.
Rector, Church of the Holy Trinity, New York. letter to a Mrs. Good, May 3, 1894, thanking her for a gift for "the summer home."

Webb, Alexander Stewart, 1835-1911
President, City College of New York. Note, April 17, 1895 to unknown person.

Young, John F , 1320-1835
Bishop, Florida. Letter to Rev. Pratt, December 10, 1873, about possible post in Florida.