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Correspondence [series]:
December 8, 1853
To: "My Dear Sir" - Rev. H. E. Pratt

From: Leonidas Polk

September 10, 1863
To: Certificate of Non-Liability to be Given by the Board of Enrollment for John A. Kernochan to be given by the Board of Enrollment for John A. Kernochan

Re: Draft exemption

August 10, 1869
To: Rev. H. A. E. Pratt

From: Manton Marble

April 7, 1869
To: Rev, Horace Pratt, Staten Island

From: Henry G. Pierrepont

August 24, 1871
To: Rev. Pratt

From: H. Potter

September 18, 1873
To: J. B. Pratt

From: Signed by J. G. Eaton, Lieut.

Re: Permit to enter Boston Navy Yard for day

December 10, 1873
To: "My Dear Bro -"

From: John F. Nancey

January 21, 1877
To: Dr. Pratt

From: Richard Heber Newton (b. 1840-d. 1914)

November 21, 1879
To: Rev, Mr. Pratt

From: George William Curtis

November 25, 1879
To: Invitation to Commemorative Reception to be given for Rt. Rev. Horatio Potter, Bishop of New York (no addressee) (printed)

March 31, 1880
To: Rev. Horace Pratt, 137 E. 45th St.

From: Thomas Hicks

April 23, 1880
To: Invitation and menu for the 94th Anniversary of the St. George's Society of New York at Delmonico's

May 3, 1881
To: Mr. Pratt

From: G.(?) A.(?)Doane

Jan. (?) 24, 1883
To: Piece of paper with: . . ,"Richard Hoffman, Jany. (?) 24th 83, New York.

Feb. 16, 1883
To: Invitation from the Trustees of the Metropolitan Museum of Art to attend a lecture by Prof. Charles Eliot Norton (printed) (no addressee)

Sept. 24, 1883
To: Kev. Horace L. Edgar Pratt

From: Steve Massett

October 30, 1884
To: Mrs. Dallas B. Pratt

From: M. R. Huntington

June 30, 1886
To: James B. Pratt

From: Wm. W. Jones, Deputy Collector

Re: Custom House, New York, pass to Assistant Appraisers Office

January 1889
To: State Department Receipt (?)

February 12, 1889
To: J. B. Pratt

From: (illegible)

February 19, 1889
To: Mr. Pratt

From: J. Tuttle Smith

March 31, 1889
To: Leopold Schmidt

From: H. C. Potter

October 29, 1889
To: James B. Pratt

From: W. Y. Joly

November 8, 1889
To: Dallas B. Pratt

From: W. Allen Butler

May 28, 1891
To: J. Frederic Kernochan

From: James B. Pratt

May 29, 1891
To: James B. Pratt

From: W. H. Drysd(ale?)

October 2?, 1891
To: Lawrence K. Pratt

From: Richard Croker, Tammany Hall

November 5, 1891
To: "My Dear Sir"

From: Roswell P. Flower

Re: Form letter

To: Announcement of "Piano-Lecture-Concerts" of Jerome Hopkins, New York City, 1st Appearances since his European successes...

Sept. 16, 1892
To: Mr. C. W. Leng

From: C. Jerome Hopkins

February 17, 1893
To: Mrs. Pratt

From: V. Jefferson Davis

April 21, 1893
To: Rev. H. L. E. Pratt

From: Louis Fitzgerald, Treasurer, Corporation of the Church of the Epiphany, Mercantile Trust Co.

June 3, 1893
To: Dallas B. Pratt, Esq.

From: C. A. Dana, The Sun

May 3, 1894
To: Mr. Good

From: E. Walpole Warren

April 17, 1895
To: "My Dear Sir"

From: Alan S. Webb, The College of the City of New York, President's Office

March 9 (?), 1899
To: "Dear Sir"

From: E. R. McKinistry, R.M.S. "Germanic"

January 22, 1903
To: Dallas Bache Pratt

From: Geo. F. Nelson

undated letter
To: Dear Aunt Kate

From: N. (?) Taber

Oct. 5, no date
To: "My Dear Mr. Pratt"

From: J. H. Stoddart (perhaps the actor, James Henry, 1827-1907)

Re: Declines invitation

no date
To: Slip of paper; "House of Rep's, U. S. Public Document. Free. M. C." (printed). "S. S. Cox, John S. Leng, Esqr. , Iron Merchant, No 4 Fletcher St., New York City, N.Y/ (written).

no date
To: Slip of paper: "J. Hyatt Smith M. C."

no date
To: Fragment of paper, "Long" and "S S Col M. C."

no date
To: Fragment of paper, "House of Representatives U. S. Part of Cong. Record. Free. L. K. Pratt, 1017 Lex. Av., NY, R (illegible), M. C.

no date
To: Slip of paper: "Votre tout Devane: Cte de Lippe-Weisenfeld"