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Series I. Biographical Materials

Series II. Correspondence
Subseries IIa. Personal Correspondence
Subseries IIb. General Correspondence

Series III. Scores
Subseries IIIa. Solo Works
Subseries IIIb. Chamber Music
Subseries IIIc. Chamber Orchestra
Subseries IIId. Orchestra
Subseries IIIe. Vocal
Subseries IIIf. Miscellaneous

Series IV. Programs, Catalogues, and Promotional Materials
Subseries IVa. Concert Programs
Subseries IVb. Program Notes

Series V. Articles and Lectures
Subseries Va. Articles on Palmer
Subseries Vb. Articles on General Topics

Series VI. Teaching Materials

Series VII. Sound Recordings
Subseries VIIa. Analog Audio Tapes
Subseries VIIb. Digital Audio Tapes
Subseries VIIc. Reel-to-reel Audio Tapes
Subseries VIId. CDs
Subseries VIIe. Oral History Interviews