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History in the Making
Includes President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signing the Social Security Act, August 14, 1935; Women's History, Pauline Newman and Clara Lemich, 1994; Poster "Fight Nazism and Fascism" by Mitchell Loeb, 1993; Dues book from 1907 superimposed over photo of NY's Lower East Side, 1991; AFL Pres. Samuel Gompers, NYC, 1994; Photo showing labor and Truman Administration cross-country tour to promote national health care, 1993; Various "Justice" front covers, 1993; ILGers learning to vote, 1992; The Holocaust Museum, 1993; Photo from the holocaust, 1993; Anita Hill, 1992; Triangle Fire rally, NYC, 1992; Locked exit at Imperial Foods plant, 1992; 1963 March on Washington, 1992; 1983 Nobel Peace Prize winner Lech Walesa, Poland, 1991; Selection of Ernest Fiene's murals, 1991