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President's Office
Memo from Jim Conti to NYSUT president Tom Hobart re planned letter to local presidents re posting of Right-to-Know law poster, December 17, 1986; letter from Jim Conti responding to inquiry from Harvard staff member re access to arbitration cases on file with NYSUT not otherwise available through published sources, December; request for information from New Hampshire Federation of Teachers about NYSUT rebate assistance program for large locals, with reply from director of field services Robert Allen that rebate is given to NYS locals (Metro-rebate program) because they employ their own staffs and do not use NYSUT field services, with attached formula for rebate, January 5, 1987; letter from Jim Conti to Tom Hobart with attached report on Retirement Convention, December 17, 1986; press release by Tom Hobart re small city school districts, December 10; memo from Conti to Hobart listing organizations in which Hobart participated on NYSUT's behalf, December 16; memo from Conti to Hobart re endorsed appointment to the State Mediation Board, December 10; memo for meeting of group putting together Local Presidents' Handbook, October 27; text of proposed local law for Suffolk County banning mandatory drug testing, with cover memo, September 19; letter from Physical Therapists of U.C.P.A. re raising salaries, with cover memo from Jim Conti to Tom Hobart that reply was no longer necessary, September 8; letter from Hobart congratulating Ichabod Crane Teachers Association for good work in electing endorsed candidates to school board, June 23; memos re new teacher and EAP orientation programs, May; memo from Conti to Hobart recalling how Conti maintained control after defection of Rochester Regional Office staff to NEA in 1976, April 24; memo from Conti to Hobart discussing why organizing Empire State Day Care Centers would not be a worthwhile project, April 25; memo from Conti to Hobart initially exploring possibility of organizing day care centers, March 27; list of school-related personnel (SRP) locals that left CSEA for NEA, and CSEA units that asked to become affiliated with NYSUT, with attached memo from Conti to Hobart noting that NYSUT had advised CSEA locals that they could not affiliate with NYSUT, possible cooperative efforts with CSEA in raiding NEA-affiliated locals, April 8; memo requesting Hobart's attendance at rally for Waterford-Halfmoon Teachers Association contract settlement, with attached newspaper clipping, April; correspondence with Hobart re excessed teacher in Farmingdale who believed he was not properly recalled according to seniority list, March-April; memo from Hobart to staff re additional toll-free phone line, request that it not be used for personal calls, April 11; memo from Conti to Hobart re need for unions to coordinate boycott of Albany Marriott Hotel on behalf of Hotel & Restaurant Workers Union, April 8; NYSUT 1986 Annual Report: "Beyond Collective Bargaining," with cover memo from Hobart thanking colleagues