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State Education Department document, "State-Aided Programs for Elementary and Secondary Education in New York State," July 1986; summary of pending federal and state legislation in the health area, from Donna Gwynne, program director, Employee Benefits Program, City of New York Office of Municipal Labor Relations, November 12; minutes of the Public Sector Coalition on Health Benefits Legislative Committee meeting of October 6; Update newsletter from the AFT Department of Organization, FNHP Division (nurses and health professionals), October; letter form Wappingers Federation of Teachers to VOTE/COPE director, advising him of lack of cooperation by local state legislator, endorsed by NYSUT, in helping distribute Excellence in Teaching funds with school district, October; fact sheet by Democratic Study Group in House of Representatives re pending Tax Reform Act of 1986, October 1; letter sent to local presidents asking for help in making phone calls on behalf of endorsed candidates for public office, with cover memo to regional staff directors noting poor response, requesting follow-up calls to locals, October 21; letter from NYSUT executive vice president Dan Sanders re legislative successes, August 14, with attached Final Report: 1986 Legislative Session: NYSUT Legislative Program and Major Support Bills Signed into Law; preliminary report re bills signed by governor or awaiting action, with cover letter from Sanders, July 11; NYS School Boards Association Legislative Bulletin re Regents meeting, July 1986; one-page document, Health Insurance Coverage Extended by State and Federal Regulations, August 25; memorandum from the Governor's Office of Employee Relations, recommending approval of a bill (S.9556) that would clarify that procedural aspects of teacher transfers are negotiable, July 29; memorandum to the governor by NYSUT director of legislation Ray Skuse strongly urging support for the legislation, July 17; summary of Sweet Home case, re teacher transfers; text of bill in Assembly requiring strict standards of proof in civil service tenure hearings; memorandum in support from City of New York Office of the Mayor; memos re phone banks for calling on behalf of the NYSUT-endorsed Cuomo/Lundine ticket, July; memo to Retiree Organizing Committee requesting that they contact other retired members to urge them to call their state legislators in support of pension supplementation legislation, with script of phone message, June 27; text of state Senate bill to amend insurance law re self-funded health benefit programs; NYS School Boards Association Legislative Bulletin re record increase in school aid, April; legal memo re legislation regarding the expansion of Insurance Department jurisdiction over public employee fringe benefit funds, November 17, 1980, with cover letter from Jim Conti re new similar proposed legislation, March 27, 1986; memos re organizing college faculty post-Yeshiva decision, possible attempt to amend NLRA, February-March; memos re salary supplement legislation, including minutes of committee meeting and document, "Strategy If Supplement Legislation Is Passed," March; report from the Senate Education Committee, "TIP: Teacher Improvement Plan: The Third Year," December 1985, with cover letter to NYSUT president Tom Hobart from committee chair Sen. James Donovan