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Series I. Early History and Program Development
Boxes: 1-3

Series II. Oral Histories
Boxes: 3, 8

Subseries IIa. Transcripts
Box: 3

Subseries IIb. Recordings
Box: 8

Series III. Programs
Boxes: 4, 5, 14-16

Series IV. Herb Engman
Boxes: 6-8

Subseries IVa. Reappointment Reviews, Annual Reports
Box: 8

Series V. Staff Correspondence and Programs
Boxes: 9-11

Series VI. Public Policy
Boxes: 11, 12

Series VII. Migrant Education
Boxes: 28-32, 52

Subseries VIIa. History, Publications
Box: 28, 52

Subseries VIIb. Migrant Education Consortium
Box: 29

Subseries VIIc. Migrant Education Census/MSRTS
Box: 32

Series VIII. Migrant Education Studies
Boxes: 17, 42

Series IX. Diversity
Boxes: 18-20

Subseries IXa. Kathy Fox Castania
Box: 20

Series X. Nutrition and Health
Boxes: 21-24

Subseries Xa. Nutrition
Box: 21

Subseries Xb. Health
Boxes: 22, 23

Subseries Xc. Health Reports
Box: 24

Series XI. Pesticides
Box: 26

Series XII. Housing
Box: 27

Series XIII. Parent Advisory Council
Box: 33

Series XIV. Migrant Museum Exhibit
Boxes: 34, 35

Series XV. Rural Opportunities
Boxes: 26-38

Series XVI. Working Together, Rural and Migrant Ministry
Box: 39

Series XVII. Articles Concerning Farmworkers and Migrant Issues
Box: 40, 49

Series XVIII. Estimates of Numbers of Farmworkers
Box: 41

Series XIX. Health Studies
Box: 42

Series XX. Farm Labor Studies and Reports, New York State
Box: 43

Series XXI. Farmworker Studies and Reports
Boxes: 44-48

Subseries XXIa. New York State
Boxes: 44, 45

Subseries XXIb. Regional
Box: 46

Subseries XXIc. U.S.
Boxes: 47, 48

Series XXII. Farmworker Related Organizations
Box: 13

Series XXIII. Videos
Box: 25, 51

Series XXIV. Posters, drawings, misc.
Box: 50